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Just A Quickie

Hi there. I know I am grossly late and I sincerely apologize. I’ll try to smooth things over with a quickie.

Last week’s fishing was ON FIRE. Both 2nd Lake and Keynote were huge hot spots for walleye and perch, with reports also coming in from Gawleys (later in the season than usual), North Bay and 1st Lake! The walleye are still shallow according to Aaron, Kevin and the guys (7-10′). They said they were catching perch even shallower than that (5-7′). Everyone had a good week.

I added Dave’s big northern and smallie, Aaron’s big perch, Kevin’s big perch, Chad’s smallie (from a couple weeks ago), and Gary’s big northern (from a couple weeks ago) to the Conservation Awards page of our website. After last week, several people owe me pictures (Chad M., Wyatt, Dongot, Ted, etc.). I’ll try not to harp on you all but those were some spectacular fish and I’d like to show them off!

I mentioned Aaron, Kevin and the guys. I’ve got a ton of pics from them and will do a photo fest (hopefully) later this week. They call themselves TGF (Three Guys Fishin’); however, their group grew to five strong this year so they may have to consider a name change. Here they are:


That’s Aaron, Kevin, Dave, Tom and Doug:) Doug is a true outdoorsman who prides himself in living off the land. Here is just one of many pics of him with proof of his skill:


I’ll have lots more of their pics next time around.

I didn’t get around to doing an entry on Sunday ’cause I had to take a guest to the Emergency Room in Dryden! Jason had a hook stuck in his FACE (ugh, ick, etc.). It was just above his upper lip and wanted to come out just under his nose. We were not able to mess with it, so I took him to a professional. It looks very good now. No, we do not have a photo to share.

Speaking of hooks, Mary reminded me that her daughter and son-in-law, Lori and Ken, had finger hooks on consecutive days one season. Speaking of Mary, she had a visitor in her back yard in Wisconsin a week or so ago:



Wow! It’s a cute one but a little close for comfort, Mary! Mary and Ron are here this week and enjoying themselves as always.

We also have “family” in Camp! Pat, Rudy, Patty and Jay are here this week:) Gruper and I went fishing yesterday (we did well), we enjoyed dinner with them last night, and we’re having a girls’ day in Dryden today! Rebecca and our nephew Jesse should arrive Wednesday as well! I love shots from home.

Here’s a pic of Doc from a couple of weeks ago with a long, skinny (?) northern:


Doc also sent a cool silhouette that I like a lot. I’ll close with that for now (I told you it’d be quick).

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