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Kraig’s (really) Big Week!

I can just hear it now: she did four entries in one week and then disappeared off the face of the planet! Things got a bit busy as the week progressed, and I lost track of time. Be warned–this will not be a lengthy entry; however, I will try to catch up with great photos this week (no promises).

Kraig and Tom each took a nice bear last week! Kraig has hunted with us for several years; this was Tom’s second year with us. Last year Kraig passed on two bears and Tom didn’t see a bear. This year Kraig passed on a bear his first evening and was beginning to have second thoughts by Monday. Monday evening a young bear came in and he passed. A bit later he was very glad he passed on Saturday’s bear. A 400+ lb boar wandered into his area! Tom followed up with a nice 200-lb bear the following morning! Our other two hunters saw bears but did not get the opportunity to shoot. Here’s Kraig’s bear still in the truck:


Here are the happy hunters prior to a day’s worth of skinning:


Gruper had just showered Monday evening when Kraig rolled down the driveway saying he needed a hand retrieving his bear. Of course, as part of the outfitter’s job you put on your boots and head out. Gruper was pretty excited and chose the wrong footwear for bear retrieval (he should have consulted me):


So, the Red Hats were here this week (more on them later this week). They always take a day to go muskie fishing south of us. They invited Kraig to join them. First cast: Kraig pulls in a 30″ walleye! Obviously he was thrilled beyond belief! I do not have a pic of him with his fish (ATTN RED HATS…PLEASE SEND PICTURE).

Yesterday morning, Kraig and Jenny took Marlin (their black lab) fishing first thing. Kraig caught a 42.5″, 22 lb. northern! Unbelievable!!! He is having a replica made of course:) Check this pig out:

Kraigs northern

Kraig’s not a small guy, either! That is a HUGE fish! Here is his successful release:

Kraigs release

Now that’s a good week, don’tcha’ think? He and Jenny are staying this week as well. Who knows what else could happen??

I added a lot of big fish awards to our Conservation Awards page today! Mark and Donnie had a very good week of fishing! Mark released two 24″ walleye, and Donnie released a 36″ northern. Good for them. They also released many 20-21″ walleye throughout the week. The Red Hats added two walleye, a smallie, and a northern to the page as well (if I left something out let me know Guys). Doug was new and released a 25″ walleye. Alas, I did not get a photo from him (Doug, if you’re reading this…). Overall, our “used” guests did well.

Picking continues. I guided a few times this week. I made two pans of something called Blue Cream Nutty Pie for potluck Wed. Good thing–there wasn’t much left by night’s end.


I’ll close with an annual tradition. I will try very hard to do a photo fest (or two) yet this week.


We miss you guys already…

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