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Lake and driveway report

Well, first the lake report.  Good winds the last couple of days and super warm temps today are helping.  This photo shows how the lake is pulling away on the opposite shore.  If you look toward the narrows, you can see open water on the other side.


This photo shows the progress of the big hole going north.  It’s open beyond the boat ramp.


In between naps today, Steve was able to put in a boat and go check on his docks (they were fine).  He also drove out to the ice’s edge and said it’s still pretty thick in some places.  We’re due for more good temps this week…a little wind would help a lot.

It was sooooo nice today that I took a good walk in t-shirt and shorts!   I should mention how much I miss my good friend Cheryl during these walks.  She and I do five-mile walks often in Iowa.  We kick butt, too–we can do 5+ miles in 1.25 hours!  I didn’t see any critters out there except for the occasional raven and a butterfly.  I did see lots of evidence of beavers…holy cow they’ve been busy along 105.  When I returned to Tall Pines Lane, though, I saw that we’d had a visitor (or two):

Moose on the loose!

Moose on the loose!

I thought it looked like two different sizes heading toward 105.

I thought it looked like two different sizes heading toward 105.

I should mention that these tracks may have been there before I took my walk.  Steve and I had a dump date, then he dropped me at Manotak Lodge (about 4 miles south of Camp) and I walked back.  Closer to Camp on the driveway I saw “signs” of a deer.


Yesterday Steve and I took a drive–looking for logs.  We saw several ravens and this big eagle along 105.  We figured they were eating on something but couldn’t see what it was.


Spring cleaning continues.  38 beds made; 25 to go.  The crew is about halfway through the cabins.  They anticipate being done Friday.  Our new dockhand, Adam, is due to arrive Friday.  If the ice cooperates, he and Steve can get docks in place some time before the 16th;)

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