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Lake Report

It was a cold, rainy day. I spent the better part of it in the house.  The rain helped move some ice, though.  We are able to see water at the narrows using Steve’s super binoculars.  What we probably need is a good windy day soon to push some of the soft ice to shore and break it up. 

The hole is in front of our house now.

The hole is in front of our house now.

Some of you know how much I enjoy reflections.  I took this one this evening.


Tomorrow is a loooonnnnnggggg day in Dryden.  We’re picking up one of our spring cleaning ladies and she’ll stay in our house through all of next week.  It’s easier for her than driving back and forth.  Today I whipped up a wild rice/mushroom/moose loaf for dinner tomorrow night, as I’ll be too tired to whip up anything tomorrow.  It’s always a long trip to Dryden.  We have so many stops to make.

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