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Looking up!

Hi all!

As we near July’s close things are definitely looking up at TPC!  Fishing has improved markedly with each passing day.  Let’s hope some warm temps don’t scare the fish off this week.

Rumor has it that a 32″ walleye was released yesterday.  Stay alert for that addition to our Conservation Awards page.  A beautiful 27.25″er was released by Patti last week!  I’ve added her pic and also put her on our fb page (tallpinescamp, ontario).  She hadn’t fished Wabaskang for 30+ years.  What a way to come back!  Her husband Jason released a 38.5″ northern as well!  Her cousin Steve released a 25″ walleye, too!  I’ll get their  pics added yet today (bandwidth permitting).

Well, it’s that time of year again:


We have another incredible crop!  I have three gallons in the freezer already!  I’ve been guiding A LOT…exhausting!  Last week I guided Jen and Ellie three times:)  They are seasoned raspberry pickers who took quickly to the blueberries.  I’m guiding twice today, stopping long enough to do a blog entry and take nourishment.  I still have a few pieces of Wednesday’s rhubarb-blueberry upside-down cake.  Maybe that will strengthen me:


I did a double recipe–good thing, too!  Speaking of potluck, we had just fewer than 50 people last week.  It was a two-turkey kind of week!


It was a perfectly lovely feed!  We had many new guests, many used guests, and good friends to enjoy the evening with us.

New guests Jim/Jean, Joe/Vicky and Joey had a blast!  They had kind words for Camp and their experience:)  We like it when that happens!  The were quite successful in the angling scheme of things due in part to a neat app from  Jim had a cool topo-like map of Wabaskang on his phone.  He and Joe used that tool to scope out fishing spots, not get lost, etc.  Stay tuned for more info.

Our guys in Cabin 3 took a few days to find their footing.  Terry’s coming back in a few weeks and was hoping for a head start;)  As the week progressed so did their catches!


Nice!  They had some PIGGIES for perch–fatties!  I wish I could give you a consistent depth for walleye but we are getting mixed reports…anywhere from 9′ to 20′.  Oy, so it goes.  Anyway, we were just thrilled to see the fishing getting back to normal.

My seester Becky headed home last Sunday.  I don’t think I shared our button art pieces:


I have blueberries on the brain in case you couldn’t tell!  Three guests visited Helen’s on the Lake and created beautiful work this week.  It’s a great mid-week diversion for those not wanting to fish 24/7!

Dengot, brother of Dongot, finally sent me his fish pics from a few weeks ago.  He made a nice collage!  His walleye was 24″ and his smallie was 18″:


Tom and Carol returned and brought Carol’s brother Chris for his first visit.  Tom finds fish no matter when he is here.  He’ll be back in Sept. with our home boys as well.  Here he is with a walleye:


and his bride Carol with one as well


and her brother Chris with a fat bass!


Speaking of bass, I mailed Doc M’s phone back to him and he found a couple of non-bass photos on it!


I think it looks like the one on top is singing:)

I received a ton of blog fodder yesterday!  Plus, I need to show you Cabin 2 with its pretty new roof.  Plus, plus weather permitting, Gruper and I are fishing this week:)  I think all of that adds up to regularly-scheduled blog entries again!  I think I can, I think I can…

Time to hit the fields…again!

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