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Monday, Monday

Greetings!  Wow…three days in a row.  It must be cold/rainy outside–yes it is.  After such beautiful weather last week, this week is more than making up for it.  The Lake has come up visibly which is good.  Temps have been in the low 50’s; today may have been in the 40’s.  Steve’s had a fire going in the house for a couple of days…nice and toasty. 

These cold days bring out the Ma Ingalls (M’ingalls) in me.  I made some delicious (if I do say so myself) coconut shrimp the other day.  Tonight we’re having a lovely roast and, for dessert, banana cream pie.

No doubt these are scratch crusts--not very pretty.

The small pie on the left is for our postmaster, Pat.  Yes, I made a smiley face on it.  It will tickle her pink.

I forgot to mention that we helped with dump clean-up last week!  Wow, what a mess.  In my former life I was a crew leader for Adopt-A-Highway for two years.  Folks don’t much like to pick up trash is all I can say.  Honestly, though, our Canadian version isn’t too bad–it was mostly empty plastic bags that fly up into the bush after the bears have had their way with them.  I think it’d be great to design an edible bag. 

I promised some great eagle photos, so let’s get to it.  Last fall Steve and I were out fishing when we noticed a couple of predators hanging out.

We crept in for a closer look.  We got nice shots of an eagle taking flight.

S/he was joining the party on some dead thing…

Check out these individual photos:

Doesn't it look like a caped villain in an old movie???

This one’s doing the funky chicken…

Here’s one coming in for the attack:

Those talons are incredible.

I think this one had seniority–definitely an authoritative look:

Hope you enjoyed those photos.  I had a gazillion and had to winnow them down to the cream of the crop.

Hey, have you noticed the website’s new look (  I have plenty of changes to make yet but you get the idea.  I regret that I did not put on the big fish of years past, but that would have been A LOT of work.  We’ll just have to start fresh this year! 

Stay tuned.  Who knows, maybe tomorrow I’ll show you how we spent part of our time off…

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