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Northern Wonders

The fall bite has been slower to hit with water temps still hovering in high 60's. Walleye have been marking in deeper depths but not committing in numbers. However, those fishing shallow are finding results. Beautiful weather: not too much wind, 70's and mix of sun/clouds has made it quite enjoyable to be outside. We finally have had a stretch of no rain (I know I'm gonna jinx it now).

The big northern pike have been on fire these last couple weeks on the Wabaskang! Some fun dancing getting them to the boat, and also a lot of lines getting bit off. But these happy campers weren't complaining:

Dave landed this thick 35.5" northern:

Curt took a pic of Tom with a big pike that's ready to be the next Jaws

Tim landed some hefty northern as well:

Mick and Laura had a grand time last week catching dozens of walleye and some nice northerns like this 36" one:

Colton managed to land some fiesty ones even while playing boat captain to his crew of 5:

Mike's couldn't let his wife catch them all:

and of course Ryan didn't want to be left out:

Sharon found those lake trout this past week. She caught a 30" and here's her 33 3/4 " beauty:

The perch bite has remained consistent!

Ron and Annie were so much fun to have at camp for their first time. They caught on to the Wabaskang bite in no time and are hope to bring family with them next time:

And the smallie bite is picking back up:

Vince, another newbie to the Wabaskang, has been coming up for Ontario fishing for years. His football coach voice could be heard from one side of camp to the other, and he's high on life- his and his group's positive attitude paid off for they were catching some real dandy walleye:

Dave and his group got into some beautiful walleye with some patience:

Colton and Andrea, Jerry and Missy had a ball on the water and found some bigger walleye along with some northern:

The Earl and Ryan show had another audience last week:

Randy snapped this one of the Perrault Falls, still loud and ripping in late August:

This little gem was absolutely adorable. Nora's first time to Tall Pines, and she took it all in with parents and grandparents:

Here's part of last week's Bear's Den crew that took advantage of the shore lunch experience with fresh walleye and hash browns:

While others had "Guys Night" in the fishhouse:

These two adventurous boys took advantage of Bingo on the boat, a camp scavenger hunt, peddleboating, and some sand-fort building in their spare time from fishing:

So many incredible sunsets these last couple weeks, too many to post, but gotta put at least one in here:

And one of top reasons why couples love cabin 4 is this view:

Leaderboard the last 2 weeks:

And now, the grand finale...

It's not only been a wonder week with the northern pike, but the northern lights as well!! Our Bear's Den crew and cabin 3 were the only ones who stayed up late enough to see them the first night, and with predictions of another lit up sky, a group of us gathered on the docks the second night. The sky was stunning and truly is a Northern Wonder. Thank you Dave for sharing these:

Observing little guys literally run down the hill and down the dock to get on the boat- its like what every adult angler wants to do but holds back. But the innocence of youth does not hold back. You have our permission to be a kid again up here at Tall Pines, no matter what your age.

Stay tuned to the next blog that will feature Ed Johnson's trophy fish that his "guide" is sending in- you won't want to miss it :)

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