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Cheeseburger in Paradise...

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Fish are still being caught more shallow than typical for this time of year. 3rd and 5th lake weren't quite producing like they did last year, but the other end of the system including Keynote, 2nd lake, Aerobus Bay, and North Bay all made up for that. Some areas were turning over this last week, and water temps were still hovering right around 60 degrees.

Kathy landed this 26" walleye beauty:

Jake caught this 20+incher, with a little luck from sasquatch:

Mike did quite well with the walleye bite:

Tons of quality walleye biting this fall, and those that know Ryan know that he finds them shallow:

Neal, used to fishing deeper in the fall, even got onto the shallow bite:

Russell really got into some dandy smallies!

As did Sean:

Lake 1 is still producing! Ryan landed this 36" northern while trolling:

Another thick one, caught by Mike:

And doubling up with some double trouble:

The final potluck of the year was a chili-themed night. The cooler temps brought everyone close to the campfire and it was just nice to gather together and share some stories:

And speaking of lasts, Earl wrapped up for the season and after a week with his daughter/grandkids, he made it home to to Patsy. Congrats to him on such an incredible season! Here's his final day at the docks:

and in the fish house:

And rare footage of Earl as a master of his craft (volume up):

The weather has overall been quite pleasant for September- lots of sunny, calm days in the 60's and even low 70's. And with so few boats on the water, its the perfect fall escape:

The "sheriff" was back in town this year- for a month! Neal and Marji seamlessly became interwoven with camp, and Neal was always around to help Earl, listen to someone's fish story, or share a story of his own on the docks:

and making the leaderboard for smallest northern of the season:

Here's some reflection and nature pics Marji sent in from their time here:

Marji observed these wispy clouds resemble an eagle in flight:

And my personal favorite, Tess, with her goggles and life vest loved going on the boat everyday:

Larry, a fellow EIU alum who heard us on the radio back in 2020, finally was able to bring his daughter Mckenzi up to Canada. Mckenzi really wanted to see the Northern Lights and we were bummed that she was a week late for that, but they managed to enjoy some boating and fishing off the docks and we were glad they got to experience Canada together:

With blueberry season over, some guests made an outing to Ear Falls Fall Festival where our last stop was to Leslie's Cafe. Mr. Bob Hansen made sure to take care of us ladies. Leslie's is a great stop for sandwiches, pizza, or gourmet coffee:

Speaking of fall, the colors up here right now are incredible! Walking down the driveway is so beautiful this time of year:

Carl Stauber, the ole' timer who I blogged about in July, sent this laminated story to us. And this trophy fish Ed landed...

Wait for it...

Hard to tell which is bigger, the lure or his catch.

Ryan and I snuck away for a day to Kenora and finally got to eat/have some drinks at Lake of the Woods Brewery. We're thoroughly enjoying it up here! (We didn't order the cheeseburger, as Earl wasn't with us)

And adding to cheeserburgers in paradise, we are sooooooooooo beyond excited to share the good news that is finally official-

The Border Restrictions are Gone!

Beginning October 1, Canadian government officials are removing the restrictions that only allowed vaccinated individuals to enter the country. ArriveCan is no longer required! As we know many of our guests have been waiting for this news in order to return, we are thrilled that you will all be welcome again. We anticipate an influx of inquiries for bookings for 2023, so please email us at for quickest response, and for anyone that had penciled in a cabin/boat- please get those deposits in to secure your reservation.

We're now starting that end of season phase where we're tidying/closing up cabins, trying to check some of those items off the project list, spend some time with visiting family and friends, fish more, and take some moments to pause and take a deep breath- 19 weeks has come and gone. Yes we are wiped, yes we are excited for some down time, and yes we loved (almost) every moment of it.

This month we've had guests that came while grieving the loss of a wife/mother, guests that still gave it a go after a Parkinson's diagnosis that many would have cancelled, a parent creating some memories with his special needs child, a farmer that retired after 56 years in the field, and some guys that just needed some time away from the hustle and bustle of home-life. The background stories go on and on and it never gets old. Someone recently asked if I missed teaching. What I had loved most about teaching was the feeling of making a difference in kids' lives. So the short answer is no, I don't miss teaching, and a big part of that is because I can see that Ryan and I are making a difference. And we get to see that in the eyes of each person that makes it up here. When you let God take the wheel, its a wonder what can happen.

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