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Falling Slowly

Fall season up at Tall Pines is really special. The Canadian temps seem to fluctuate more than the Dow Jones, and you have to just roll with it. We had a sunny afternoon wearing t-shirts, and 2 days later it was snowing. While the autumn leaves did not fall slowly, the slower pace of the fall up here is welcomed and savored. A few final pics from

our last weeks with guests:

Jon and Mallah love their cast and blast trip. Jon loves to catch the smallmouth

while also landing a lot of pike:

With their side by side, they are able to navigate some beautiful, sometimes sketchy, trails to find grouse. One day, they encountered a solo traveler, stuck and somewhat lost from following her GPS miles and miles into the middle of nowhere. Jon and Mallah were able to give her assistance and get her back to the main road.

Jason had been itching to return up here since '19. He got into a mixed bag of species- here's some of the northern:

And Jeremy was back for a third time this season (yes, his wife is an angel). He endured the three coldest consecutive days this season to land some dandy crappie, walleye, and thick pike:

So with the 2022 fishing season coming to an end, congratulations to the reigning leaders on the 2022 Fish Fame Leaderboard:

Walleye: 30.5" Adam Mertens caught June 30th week

Pike: 46" Carl Wagoner caught June 1st week

Smallie: 21" Keith Kezer caught July 11th week

Perch: 13" Jakob caught June 3rd week

Crappie: 16.5" Brett Brown caught June 6th week

Lake Trout: 33" Sharon Kezer caught September 3rd week

Muskie: 44" Brett Kloepping caught August 1st week

If you haven't seen, the 2022 Big Fish Gallery is now on the website. Congrats to all who caught and released a big fish this year.

And some pics from earlier in the season that rolled in:

Walt with a nice pike:

Al and Gerry sent in these pics from their late June trip; first time on the Wabby and their group got into all kinds of species:

Justin sent in a few unforgettable scenic pics:

Mark shared a couples pic with their stringer of perch:

And Dave shared this comical video from a stormy afternoon that any Forrest Gump/Lieutenant Dan fan will enjoy:

As for Ryan and me, we're soaking up every October opportunity we can- leisure, unwinding, and adventuring. The fish Ryan has been catching recently have been a bit smaller:

so we've taken to boating to areas where we can hike and take in a new view:

Whiskey Jack has not disappointed. We took in an evening with musician Zack Lucky:

and got a unique reflection pic of camp with the fall colors:

We had our first fishin-in-the-dark adventure catching whitefish during the spawn. The next day was an all day affair- filleting, smoking, and enjoying a tapas style dinner:

Believe it or not, we have been doing some tinkering projects in some of the cabins too. Gonna leave you hanging on those though as I don't want to spoil any surprises. :)

Wishing you all a Happy Halloween, and that you can enjoy the last remnants of the fall season. We'll be sending our holiday newsletter out via email this year- so check your email in December for that.

And just like that, that's a wrap.

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