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October Already?

Hi there.  Can you believe it is October?  It seems like just yesterday that we arrived at Camp and began preparing for our 10th season.  Surely it can’t be time to clean up, close up, and head home?  Where does the time go?

My last entry was done from a hotel room in Winnipeg.  I was en route to the Pacific NW to visit our nephew Jake and his son Jack.  It wasn’t so much a vacation as a trip.  (Sorry I didn’t get in touch, Chad K., but it was a very quick six-day trip.)  My timing was not very good–we had plenty going on around here–but I wanted to be home in time for our 19th Wedding Anniversary! More on the actual trip later.  For now let’s talk Camp!

We’ve been blessed with pretty perfect weather for closing a camp.  I had only one day where hauling comforters, mattress pads, etc., back and forth from my under-the-Bear’s Den command central was hampered by rain.  Our fall colors were grand this year!  The last couple of days have been a bit windy so we’ve lost some leaves, but overall it’s been exceptionally beautiful.  Murray finished with us last week.  He and Gruper were able to give Cabin 4 a new lid prior to his departure:

Doesn’t it look great?? Time has run out for getting Cabins 9 and 10 done; with any luck, we’ll be able to do them prior to spring opener. Cross your fingers for Murray to return next season. He was sure an asset when it came to projects around here!

We had an unusual visitor on the docks the other day:

Gruper snapped that picture! We’ve never seen a heron ON the dock–usually just gulls and ducks. See how grungy the dock looks? Well, Gruper and Murray were able to float those docks down to the main dock in preparation for floating the whole unit down toward the falls for winter. Gruper decided it would be a good time–especially in light of the good weather–to pressure wash that set of docks while he has easy access to hoses, etc. Look at the difference:

They look like new! It’s very time-consuming so I’m sure he’ll be glad in the spring that he did it in the fall:)

I’ve been painting the floors of Cabins 9, 10 and 11. Next I’ll super-sweep all of the wooden floors (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, EN kitchen, and BD) so Gruper can gym floor seal them. Again, it’s time- consuming but necessary. I hope we’ll find a bit o’ time for grouse hunting (I’ll play dog) and fishing before it turns nasty and becomes time for me to go home.

Alan, Nancy and Bailey were here in September. Alan always gets some nice scenery pictures! He also enjoys photoing his boat mates. Here’s Nancy concentrating very hard while Bailey does what she does best:

Oops, I think I offended her!

Check out this bit of light on the trees during an otherwise overcast day:

I love both of these reflection pictures. The 2nd one is unusual because it’s not symmetrical (Alan likes to mix things up perspective-wise):

Roger and Dee returned for their second year:) These two enjoy fishing anywhere. They spend time in North Dakota, fish around home, and now visit Wabaskang Lake. Here’s Dee with several nice walleye:

I checked out their other pics and snatched a couple. A hawk got into their gazebo at home. Look at these close-ups:

Nice! It’s such a beautiful bird but those talons mean business!

The happy couple took a trip to Hawaii last spring. Here they are:

They’re coming back in June. Rumor has it they’ll be hitched???? If so, congratulations ahead of time from Gruper and Andrea.

I found a couple of random pics on desktop and/or camera. Here’s a nice reflection:

and a cool worm-caterpillar thing:

Remember Lisa’s immature eagle photos I posted last time? If not, here they are:

Mary V. told me to consult my bird book. She felt the birds more strongly resembled osprey which we certainly have here. My bird book doesn’t give me enough photos to be certain but I think Mary might be right. The bird seems less mottled than an immature eagle. I stand corrected unless anyone can share more definitive information.

OK. I flew to the Pacific NW to visit our nephew and great-nephew. Jake and his wife Jessi are both in the Navy–God bless each and every person who serves our country–and Jessi has been on general deployment since April. Their son Jack turned 1 in March:( Jake is doing his Navy job (they are both involved with Search And Rescue equipment) while tending to a now 18-month-old busy boy! Aunt Andy needed to go see how he was doing and lend a hand if necessary. Let me say this: he’s doing a great job! I am so proud of their family! I was also able to visit a good friend in Tacoma briefly. I took a few pictures. We’ll start with my drive from Tacoma to Port Townsend:

I ate here on the way up and on the way back! Unbelievably fresh, delicious, REAL food!

I ferried my rental car from Port Townsend to Coupeville (on Whidbey Island):

My ferry had aboriginal artwork not unlike right here in NW Ontario!

This was my third visit to the area. I experienced by far the best weather this time. It was warm, clear and beautiful all but one day.

I wonder if he’s related to the one on our dock? Check out the mountain–so clear!

I admired other art along the way:

Here’s something even I could make: a cork curtain!

We went to the beach and saw lots of windsurfers. It was quite beautiful in person…less so here:

I visited Jake’s work (he looks JUST like my brother):

I enjoyed watching Jake and Jack interact:

Jack wanted to feed himself his oatmeal. Hilarious!

We had to bundle him up on our last day–it was pretty chilly:

He used a lot of energy–his own and ours. I love this picture:

Sweet, sweet baby:) His mama will be home soon. Until then I can rest assured he is in good hands.

I’ll close with a picture for Rebecca. I’m coming home soon, Seester!

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