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One More Week…

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Wow- we are ecstatic and so excited to get this camp going! It has been a productive week for sure. First, did you see that Tall Pines Camp has been chosen as The #7 spot for Unforgettable Camping Spots in Ontario? We just found out we made the top ten this week, and have posted the article from Camper Report on our website as well as Facebook Page. Pretty, Pretty nice as Larry David would say.

Also on our Facebook Page is a recent short panoramic video of Wabaskang and camp taken Wednesday evening. Unfortunately I cannot post video on this blog, so sorry you’ll have to go there to check it out.

The good news is that the ice is officially out in Wabaskang Lake!!!

As Ryan took a boat ride Friday, the second lake is clear as well; visually there is still some ice in the third lake, but boats can make it all the way to Wine Lake as of today!

More pics of the water… The above pic was taken Wednesday, the last day seeing any ice from Tall Pines shoreline. Below the water is now looking like glass!

And Friday, it was so calm, it provided the perfect weather to get at least one of the docks in:

I love this last picture in every way. The colors and little bit of tree landscape, as well as Ryan’s thumb or whatever that is in the top corner – these are definitely not photo-shopped.

With only a week to go til opener, current projects are underway such as getting water going to all the cabins and gettin the boats ready. Good thing our new hired dock-hand Earl will be starting this week! Safe travels to our first round of guests that will be heading up shortly.

Wishing all the moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day! A special shout out to Andrea who has been Tall Pines Mama Bear and has helped this little bear out with such a kind heart. And props to our moms, Karen and Joyce, who can now call Tall Pines their newest grand-baby.

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