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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

PLEASE NOTE:  We have been under a “no open fire” ban since opener.  If you plan to have shore lunches, please bring a Coleman-type stove to use.  I’ll let you know when we receive word that the ban has been lifted.

Well, we have survived our 15th opening week!  We had a nice group of guests and pretty good fishing.  Temps were the warmest we’ve ever seen for opener:  near 80 and sunny pretty much every single day.  Sunscreen was in high demand!

Opening week anglers have their tried and true spots.  Walleye were staying fairly true to form in spite of the unseasonably warm weather.  The surface temp for opening day was around 48.  By Wednesday it had raised to 60ish.  Some bays were 70!  Things are to cool off a bit this week which would be nice.  Paul and Tony fished every day.  On Thursday they boated 113 walleye!  They were fishing shallow–about 5-7′.  This is too shallow:

too shallow

We overheard another boat saying they had 200+ walleye one day.

Paul and Tony added some fish to our not-quite-up-and-running Big Fish page including a couple of walleye, bass, and a northern.  Here’s Paul with another northern


and a table full of perch


and Justin with a killer perch;)


Paul and Tony were in the right place at the right time to see Mama Moose and her calf (look closely):


Our pets have finally shown up!  We had three one morning.  Here’s today’s lone ranger:

pet northern



is a doll and a very good sport.  She returned with her motley crew yet again.  I shared a few of their fishing photos last week. I offered her a cabin of her own but she refused, saying that someone had to keep these guys in line.  She is quite the angler and dutifully guides these guys around the lake to catch fish:



This crew actually seems to have as much fun when they’re not fishing…

man down

They invited Sonny and Kathy to shore lunch one day (one thing I LOVE about my guests–most of them are soooo friendly)!  They even delivered lunch to them:)


A few things concern me, however.  Jeff, in particular, presents with some disturbing tendencies…


They were able to sit and watch a yearling bull for nearly an hour one day!

He allowed them to get quite close and just didn’t seem to care (a special note here about the incredible reflections my friend took the time to include in these shots):



Wow!  They came back truly affected that day!  That’s when you know you really are in God’s country up here.  Here’s more evidence if you need it;)


How about a sunset???


How ’bout “See you next year”???

group pic

I love that photo!  Here’s one that took my breath away:


God’s country, I say.  Until next week…

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