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One Week ‘Til Opener


I can’t believe we open in one week!  It really sneaks up when you aren’t looking.  I hung shower curtains, cleaned coffee pots and added finishing touches to some of the cabins today (calendars, magazines, etc.).  Steve continued to get boats ready, kept a fire burning in our house and dinked around.  Speaking of boats, check out the newest member of the Tall Pines Camp fleet:

17', 40-hp upgrade

She was just delivered this afternoon.  That extra foot of length sure seems to look like a lot more.  She’s a nice looking craft.  We can now offer the three, 30’s and two, 40’s.

That pesky pine martin returned this morning.  Stinky LaRue alerted us to outside activity.  That critter tore open a large bag of garbage I had put on the deck:(  Then he ambled his way back to the same duck house he’s been haunting (we think there are starling/grackle eggs in there).  We’ll be sure to contact the proper authorities and follow proper procedures for dealing with this nuisance animal.

poking his head out

making his getaway

It has been quite cold overnight and in the mornings.  The afternoons hit about 50, though.  This afternoon was gorgeous and I figured I’d better get out and snap a few photos. 

shimmery lake at 5:00 p.m.

Eldon the Eagle wouldn't hold still, so I got this little red guy instead.

On our way up this year we saw a bear in northern Wisconsin.  We still haven’t seen one here yet.  Neither of us has seen a moose yet either (odd).  I became hopeful when I saw this track down by the Lake:

Then I looked around…it was the only deep track.  The rest looked like this:

duck? duck? goose?

On a walk earlier this week I slid down into a ditch and fetched some moose jaws.

this was a young 'un

I’ll get the teeth out and bleach them.  Kids (big and little) love the teeth as souvenirs.  I take some along when I substitute teach as well–makes me an instant hit!  I have a bag with a bear tooth, moose teeth, various feathers, etc.  I tell the little kids that I had to wrestle the bear to get the teeth out!  I have the best behaved students all the time.

I checked the rhubarb crop ’cause Sonny and John are coming soon:

Thank you, John & Marie. See you soon:)

 We have two great-nieces due in July!  I made an afghan for one while we were still in Iowa.  The M’Ingalls in me wanted to try something new last night, so I found a pattern for a sun hat:)  I’ve never made anything but afghans.

I used one of Stinky's balls as a model...don't tell my nephew...

"Give the ball back or I'll let the cat out of the bag."

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