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Opening Week, 2017

Greetings and “Happy New Year”!

Yesterday marked the beginning of our 14th season at Tall Pines Camp!  We have a nice-sized group for our first week, minus two “fixtures” of the past several years (we miss you, Sandra and Eldon).  Despite absolutely beautiful weather for the last week or so, the angling gods have smiled down–dropping the temperature, hiding the sun, and even bringing some rain.  Water temps are warmer than we like–50-55–but hopefully a couple of cold, drizzly days will take care of that.

Gut bucket readings indicate that our guests were able to find both walleye and northern.  I’ve had no big fish reports, but Gruper saw a nice photo op of a decent musky yesterday!  I’ll try to keep you apprised of the week’s happenings.

I spent a couple of evenings just enjoying the calm before the storm


when it’s sooooo quiet around here.  ’twill be a while before that happens again!  It was so quiet I could hear the falls:


I’m still kitchening quite a bit.  This morning I made almond cookies and will frost them with, yes, almond icing later today.  Earlier in the week I made tiger bars (almost too rich for me), and prior to that had whipped up my favorite oatmeal cake.


To earn all of this kitchen time I’ve had to do a bit o’ work as well!  I’ve been painting and staining quite a bit.  I painted the ducks on Cabin 11


and the Eagle’s Nest sign as well


The guys have been muy busy!  Of course, Frank had to learn about getting the docks in

docks and our tree

(look at our tree!  she has really come into her own!).

Anyone who has stayed in the Eagle’s Nest knows that the old paneling had seen better days.  The guys reframed the window and replaced the front wall last week:


The difference is unbelievable!  We have new front doors for the Eagle’s Nest and Cabin 7 as well:)

The nice weather has pushed my rhubarb into overdrive!


Can’t wait to incorporate that into some kitchen time!  Although we probably need to get me out of the kitchen before I need sugar rehab…

On an uber-happy note, our Navy nephew Jake and his Navy wife Jessi welcomed baby boy James Sidney just minutes before Mother’s Day:)  Big brother Jack is 5 and pretty smitten from what I hear!  That brings our “greats” head count to 9 (5 boys, 4 girls) healthy, happy kiddos!

Stay tuned for fishing reports later in the week!


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