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Opening Week Will Not Be the Same

Greetings, All. I know it’s been a long, long time since my last entry. Most of you know I’d taken a long-term teaching assignment so you’re pretty understanding. Last Friday was my last day of that assignment, which had begun Nov. 18!!! That’s a long haul when you’re doing sports shows on weekends, etc. Anyway, I already miss the kids but have slept in until 7:00 two days in a row:) I’ll still do some daily assignments–though I’ll be picky–but the hard work is done for this school year. We’re off to Milwaukee tomorrow for five days, then Eau Claire the following weekend for our final show of the season.

I wanted to let you know that Wilma has passed away. Affectionately referred to as “Ma” by her daughter Sandra and son-in-law Eldon, Wilma has been an opening week visitor at Tall Pines Camp for ’bout 8 years I figure. Not an angler, Wilma preferred sitting on the deck listening to the critters, finding good rocks, playing cards in the evenings with Sandy and Eldon, and crocheting. She’d crank out a doily a day, often leaving me with several beautiful creations by week’s end:


I enjoyed Wilma’s sense of humor. More than once she surprised us with a one-liner or perfect observation. She will be missed but she’s in good hands.

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