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Our First Guest Blogger!

Hi!  My name is Hanna and I’ve visited Tall Pines Camp several times with my family.  We were here last week and had a great time (again).  Let me tell you all about it.  We caught perfect eater walleyes!

Jim released a beautiful 19″er.  Andrea said, “Thank you, Jim.”

We caught a hat!

My people caught a dog!

Mary made a lovely silk scarf

and hunted blueberries with Andrea and Bob.

Bob wore blaze orange for berry hunting!

We had delicious blueberry pancakes!

I practiced my retrieves (I’m very good)

and pretended to waterski!

Mary takes a lot of pictures everywhere we go.  Here are some pretty flowers:

Cool moss!

Doggone rocks;)

Here’s a rockin’ reflection;)

Andrea loved this photo:

and this silver sunset

and this sunset:

I hope we get to return to Tall Pines Camp; I love it here!  Now a word from Andrea:

Thanks, Hanna!  Good job.  I’m glad you enjoyed yourself (again)!  We did have an awesome week, didn’t we???

I realize the blog is late (again) but I had a fishing date yesterday!  Gruper and I sneaked out to 2nd Lake for a couple of hours.  We tried three new-to-us places and caught walleye at all three!  We were around 25′ deep.  I was able to use a 1/4 oz. jig fine and still feel bottom (not much wind out there, eh?).  I was hoping for an advantage–given his aircasted foot and all.  I have to say, though, that he caught first, biggest, most AND variety:(  We had only one non-walleye, a northern, and Gruper caught it.  I caught my own dinner, a nice 16.5″er, as well as several others around that size and smaller.  Gruper caught a bunch of nice-sized ones, including this FAT 21″er:

which is happily swimming around in Wabaskang again!

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