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Photo Fest, Part Deux

Well, let’s give it a try two days in a row!  I was able to sort through some more photos so we might as well do a photo fest. 

I want to say that I added two walleye to our Conservation Awards page ( just a couple seconds ago!  Jeff released a 24″er earlier this week and his cabinmate Rob released a 27″er today!  Good for them:)  That’s at least six walleye over 24″ in less than a week.  Gotta’ love it!

Mark and Donnie were here a couple of weeks ago.  They each added a big fish to the Conservation Awards page as well:  Mark had a nice walleye and Donnie had a super northern.  They also released lots of nice walleye in the 20-22″ range:


Donniewith walleye


Donnie is also a very good blueberry hunter. She always makes time to get away and catch a few with me (she’s a pretty clean picker, too):

Donnie with bbs


This year they played around with some full moon shots (the real moon, not Red Hat moons):




They always catch a good sunset or two. Here’s a nice silver one:

perfect sunset

perfect sunset2

Beautiful reflecting sunset:


Dan and Kari visit us annually as well. They usually visit in June, but scheduling conflicts brought them to us in August this year. While they didn’t get any fish for the Conservation Awards Program, they certainly do just fine…

Dan's perch

Dans northern

Karis walleye

See you two next June!

Steph and Don were here a couple of weeks ago. Steph got a kick out of this “giant” perch she caught!


Jerry was equally impressed!


Their little guy caught himself a (really) big fish!


Phyllis and Wayne were here last week. Wayne enjoys fishing for “brownies” (Arkansas terminology for smallmouth bass). This year they had good luck with walleye. Wayne found a sassy 20″er:

Wayne and walleye

Here’s a better pic–right before he released her to the lake (good job, Wayne):

Wayne and walleye2

Gruper and I went fishing last week. It was HOTTER THAN BLAZES (90ish). I got a good Where’s Waldo picture…see if you can see what we saw:


Here’s a better picture:


I liked the look of these wild flowers as well:


OK. That gets me ’bout caught up except for those Red Hats. I’ll see what I can do about that. We have a good group coming in tomorrow, including Bailey (here in a rare photograph of her awake on the boat!):


Until next time…

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