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Phyllis Photo Phest!

Hi there from the very cold, rainy north! Holy cow…the weather’s been downright crappy for a couple of days. Yesterday felt like a bad day in late September: high in the 40’s, super windy, rainy, and gray. I found things to do inside alllllll day. Today is better, with temps around 60 and a bit of sunshine. There’s a good chop on the water which is always good.

Fishing continues to be dandy! We have a mix of new and used guests this week, and everyone is finding fish. A fourth week of happy campers would be grand, I say.

Phyllis let me dump her card before they headed back to Arkansas. They’re coming back up in August, so I’d better do a good job with her pictures.

Prepare for landing…

prepare for landing

Phyllis decided that pelicans are cool and photo-worthy. Here’s a nice bunch flying…let’s hope they keep going (you see, pelicans like to eat baby fish…)…

pelicans flying



when they drop out of the sky like this,

pelicans dropping

it means they’re landing

pelican pair

See the knob on the right one’s bill? That’s the male. He keeps that knob during courting and mating, then loses it. Personally, I think he looks better without it but apparently it’s a lady magnet(?)

On to birds we like as long as they stay on the water


We have two goose families around here and a few duck families. We prefer the geese just swim around and poop where they drink:) We like loons all the time

loon nest

and butterflies are pretty darned harmless


Phyllis and Wayne fished with Victoria and Alan in the mornings. This is Phyllis,

phyllis walleye

here’s Wayne,

wayne walleye

and here’s Victoria

victoria northern

I have no idea where Alan is. Maybe he caught this mixed bag though


My, what vicious teeth you have

walleye teeth

That’s the mouth of a mount in the Bear’s Den!!!

Phyllis and Victoria are two of many sisters. All (or most) of the sisters are way into quilting. Phyllis and Victoria spent their afternoons working on a variety of quilts. Here’s one for a wedding…


Phyllis got some lovely scenery pics. This hole in the sky was beautiful. We admired it from Camp. I told them that I like to think people we love are shining down on us…

hole in the sky

Here are a couple of beautiful, colorful reflections:

lupine reflection

beautiful reflection

I chose this reflection as a closer…I plan to return Sunday!

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