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Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Week 2 continued the theme of opposites from the last blog. One regular guest described it well- It was the worst weather week they'd ever had, and also the best fishing week they'd ever had.

Week 2 guests left wiped- wiped from the cold and wind, and also from all the fish action.

We had some first time Wabaskang fishermen who had some epic fishing. Here, Carl (with an assist from Jeremy), caught this 46" northern monster, which he dubbed Big Betsy:

Carl did not waste time catching fish after fish- he was always fired up, and had a great story to tell each day he returned from fishing!

Tall Pines regular, Jeremy, has done summer and fall fishing, but wanted to try the spring bite this year. He finished teaching for the school year, and left the same day to kickstart his summer break with some phenomenal fish caught:

Another first timer Chris scored well catching and releasing this beautiful 27.5" walleye:

Returning guests Rob, Luke, and Jimmy brought a few new guys with them this year, and they all just had a ball out there, finding huge smallmouth, and getting some nice northern as well. Rob had the smallmouth record of the week at 20" but they all got into some nice ones and enjoyed some guy time on the water:

They were first ones out and last ones in many days, and we loved their positive energy:

Longtime guests Eric and his parents, June and Gary, were dedicated each day and it produced results:

Another newbie, Pete, had such a great time he can't wait to bring his kids up next time to experience it. Here's a few of the fish he and buddy Tim caught:

Terry and his crew had some fun out there and got quite a few northern:

The size of the crappie being caught is quite impressive:

Some of week 2's pics made it into the last blog; but here are some more pics coming in from opener week:

Steve's 26.5" gorgeous walleye:

Rick's 39" northern pike:

Rick landed this dandy 18.75" bass:

As well as this 25.25" walleye:

And Dave also got some nice ones- a 22" walleye and 18" smallie:

Don also got a 18" bass:

Fishing Bite:

The water temps are in the 50's, the minnow bite was pretty popular, but some of the biggest fish caught this week came from $3 plastics from our tackle store. Shallow bite continues with 4-8' depths producing. Wind blown shorelines also been good. Sometimes you gotta work for them, but patience and persistence have been paying off.

Luke captured this incredible sign from God while returning from fishing one evening:

All the symbolism from this- is it God watching over Tall Pines? All those that have passed on that loved it up here watching over us? Is it a sign that though we've weathered a lot of rain (both literally and figuratively), that we're now seeing the light? Maybe its all of the above. But either way, many have wished to be here and can agree that just like the song, somewhere under this particular rainbow, trouble does melt away like lemon drops. And that's where you'll find us.

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Jun 07, 2022

You are so clever with your words and story telling while also being very informational. That rainbow picture is absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to get up there next month!!!

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