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Greetings from Andrea first.  Gruper and I just returned from a lovely half-day of fishing!  We did very well, catching perfect 16-17″ fish at each of our stops.  We kept four (our limit) and released many!  I took the variety point with one perch; otherwise everything was walleye!

The fall fish have started (finally)!  Last week we had a 25.5″ and at least two 23.5″ fish released!  Good friends from home are here this week and I expect great things from them (as well as more fishing for me)!

Funny note:  last week we had 3 Bobs, 2 Neals (Neil), 2 Eddies (Ed), 2 Rons (Ronnie), and 2 Jeffs in Camp.  I like it when they make it easy for us!  Please read on and enjoy an entry from our special guest!

Guess who????  Yes, it’s me Hanna for the third year in a row!

I still hold honors as the only guest blogger Andrea has had–I think she likes me a lot!  I visited Tall Pines Camp again with Jim, Mary and Nick.  We had a good time (as always).  Mary was disappointed that the blueberries are all done–as is Andrea–but she found lots of mushrooms to photograph instead:

Sometimes while she wandered around looking for fungi I took a nap:

Jim and Nick caught some walleye:

Nice one, Nick;)  I suppose this was your perch too???

On the days Mary fishes, she tends to outdo the guys–even when they name her pole “Guppy Getter”:

Fishing makes me so tired I sometimes take a nap when we get back to the cabin:

Is it my imagination, or does it look like a fish is jumping out of the cloud on the right???

These dark clouds made me so scared I hid in Nick’s coat:

I don’t like storms one bit:(

No one shot a bear while we were at Tall Pines Camp, but I saw on Facebook (Tall Pines Camp, Ontario) that Buck shot one last week:

Wow…I’m not sure I want to be around when a bear comes in!  I’m not afraid of eagles, though:

or loony loons–even when their feathers are ruffled:

While Mary takes naturey photos, I sometimes stretch my legs by doing retrieves.  Andrea loves this picture:

Talk about exhausting…even Jim needs a nap after we play:

Mary found some great stuff in the bush this year besides fungi:

Doesn’t this moss look like a spider’s web???

beaver wood!

This stump looks hairy!

Is it my imagination or does this stump look like Wile E. Coyote??

We always visit some tried-and-true spots:

Mary always takes time to enjoy the beauty around us!

This is one of Andrea’s favorites:

Mary is a quilter and has a dry sense of humor:

Here’s a nice sunset:

This hole in the sky reminded Andrea of when the Red Hats were here last month:

which reminded her that she hadn’t posted their pictures yet!

All seven guys returned this year (Rich, #8, has apparently abandoned the group…):

The original three (because the 4th has gone AWOL):

Andrea was trying to scrunch down in this pic…like she’s so tall she would have blocked anyone…

The sky was great that evening:

with an incredible hole from those we love and miss:)

Andrea’s friend Dawn is here this week!  This one’s for her:

So, I was in noooo hurry to go home this year and even left my leash in our cabin.  I needed all the rest I could get at Camp because when we got home, we got this…

It’s name is Omar and I don’t know if I like it yet:(  Until next year, this is Hanna signing off.

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