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Spring 2019- Welcome

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Hello There! Welcome Tall Pines guests/visitors/family. This is not only the first blog of the year, but also Bridget’s first blog entry as Andrea has handed over her reins! Most of you know by now that Steve and Andrea sold camp- Ryan and Bridget Taylor are it’s proud new owners (Read our bio under “Contact” icon on the web-site). We officially took ownership a few weeks ago, but have been transitioning for quite awhile now. While there were of course a few road bumps along the way (i.e. dealing with Canadian property transfer and transferring accounts/email issues) the four of us worked together to get-er-done.

Ryan and I just finished the fishing show season. We quickly learned that it is fun, yet exhausting. Thank you to everyone who lived close enough to one of the locations to stop by and introduce yourselves. We met so many current, former, and future guests, each with their own unique experiences to share. We haven’t 100% decided which ones we’ll do for next year, but are thinking we’ll do the same ones and possibly add another one (we’re open to your suggestions!) We also were eager to soak in endless information and advice from other Canadian outfitters, and also networked with other vendors of fishing merchandise that we think will add to your experience.


You probably noticed the new web-site ( Hopefully it is easy for you to navigate. We are excited to add to the big fish gallery this year, and display some pics in the fish cleaning house as well (If you had one not shown, feel free to email it to me and I’ll update the page). We’ve added an Instagram account for all you young-ins, as well as added ourselves on TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. We would be humbled and grateful to anyone who has had a good Tall Pines experience to share it in any of those forums, and “Like”/share our Facebook page.

While many things will remain the same at Tall Pines (like this year’s rates!), there are some changes you can look forward to as well. Steve and Andrea initiated a new septic system- so that process is being finished this spring. The cabins will each get a little attention/decor, as we are grateful for friends, family, and parents who are all donating and making things for us to take up. There will also be adirondack chairs placed throughout camp for you to kick back after some fishing, or enjoy those amazing sunsets. We’re also bringing up a ton of books, board games, and yard games. Probably the biggest change will be the office. It will now be stocked with some tackle that is specific to Wabaskang and its species. We also have a brand new line of clothing merchandise – I don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so that’s all I’m gonna say on that.

I know the million dollar question is coming “when is ice-out?”. Well Ryan will be in camp in the next few weeks God-allowing, and we’ll be sure to update you all regularly. We’re counting down the days now, and we know you are too.

Haven’t booked yet?

We get that this felt like the longest winter ever. But the fishing season will be here before you know it- if you are on the fence, please give us a call. We really want our loyal guests to get their first pick in terms of cabin and week. However, we now have several weeks with no availability, and certain cabins go very quickly, so don’t wait til the last minute. You can also email us at . And to those that have booked- we thank you and are anticipating your future Tall Pines memories.


Our Welcome Letter: We sent out an introductory letter this winter, and we are finding out that several guests didn’t receive/open it. Dated December…

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