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Start those boat motors!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

And…it’s officially week 1, the much anticipated season opener! We are blessed with over 30 guests who have already arrived, or are on their way up now to be a part of history in the making at Tall Pines Camp. I guess I can take down the official countdown clock off the website now.

The beautiful Wabaskang is ready for them! Ice has been out, snow is melted, and the fish are calling.

Though walleye fishing didn’t start til the 18th, that didn’t stop us from going after the smallies and northern:

Ryan (below) was able to get out a few times to enjoy the water, scope out some fishing spots, hang out with one of his brothers and a buddy (above) and just “mess around”.

Like Ryan’s hat and sweatshirt? We have a limited supply of them in our tackle shop! (He is just a walking advertisement- I swear I didn’t tell him to wear that)

Earl and Patsy arrived this past week to get settled into camp life; we are thrilled that Earl will be our dockhand, and he comes with plenty of experience. He is eager to take care of your boat and fish cleaning needs. We also had Wanda, our cleaning specialist, doing some finishing touches in the cabins. From getting the water tested, fuel for the docks, bait order secured, ice machine going, the early quiet days Ryan enjoyed are now filled with an energy and bustle.

It wasn’t in our budget this year, but we still thought it was important, so we purchased an AED defibrillator. We are hoping that 1)we’ll never have to use it and 2) we’ll recoup the cost with a couple new bookings.

Have you checked out the website lately? As we’ve been getting more questions regarding to what to pack/border questions, I’ve added a section to the Frequently Asked Questions found under the Amenities tab. For those needing a refresher or our newbies- please take a look. And the 2019 Big Fish Gallery page is up and running, ready to add your pic of the catch of a lifetime!

Now that camp is open and guests are starting to get on the water, I’m excited to share some of the their pics starting hopefully with next week’s blog.

As always, thanks for sharing an interest in our passion. 2019 is going to be a fantastic fishing season! We hope you’ve already booked, and are excited to reward those that come twice (or more) this season- ask us about it when you’re at Tall Pines Camp!


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