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Hey there.  I’m here to tell you that just because it’s September doesn’t mean things aren’t happening at Tall Pines Camp!  We have a pretty good sized group in this week and are expecting another good sized group Saturday.  After that things slow waaaaaay down.  We hate to see the season wind down but we really do need a break! 

The weather has become perfect!  We had a couple of hot days last week and the week prior, but this week is perfect.  I’m still guiding for blueberries as much as  possible (twice this week!).  The guys have begun our big project:

Isn’t that Murray something?!! He walks around up there like he’s on the ground.

It took forever for the materials to arrive so we’ll probably get only the fish house and Cabin 4 done this fall. Cabins 9 and 10 will have to wait until spring. We’ll hope that weather, schedules, etc. all comply so we can get them done prior to opener.

We have a good group of mostly used guests in Camp this week. Everyone seems to be doing pretty well on walleye. I’ve lost count of Bob and Ron’s big fish (24, 24, 25, 27 for sure)! John in Cabin 6 released a 24″er (no pic yet). Roger in Cabin 2 released a 25″er (no pic yet). Ken in Cabin 5 released a nice 27″er yesterday. I added his pic and Bob’s 27 to the Conservation Awards Page of the website. Ken is fishing with his in-laws; his wife Lori had to stay home and work (four-letter word, I say). Anyway, Ken’s father-in-law Ron played with a nice slot northern earlier in their stay:

Ken won a cabin award for Best Weed:

Random Moment Alert: I took this picture of someone’s perch last week (can’t remember whose). Look at this thing:

OK. Back on-task. Mark and Paul are back again this year. I still keep some of Paul’s pictures of Eldon from last year on my laptop. We hadn’t seen or heard much from Eldon this season–thinking s/he’s in the family way–until this week. I’ve heard chirping almost daily, and he’s landed back above the dock a couple of times. I figure he’s hoping to have his picture taken again! Here’s one of last year’s:

My friends from home, Deb and Kim, have been here all week! We’ve picked berries, road-tripped to Red Lake (we had to take a sick mower, so we combined it with glass shopping and lunch!), and had Iowa chops (huge and yummy). Gruper and I popped out within sight of Camp today and caught a couple of perfect walleye eaters. I’ll make honey walleye for the gals tonight before they head home tomorrow. I’ll also serve tomato pie and raspberry pie:) It’s been good having them here. They brought (too much) work and (too much) food but I think they’ve caught up on some much needed rest and have enjoyed with serenity that is Tall Pines Camp. Hopefully they’ll not wait another five years before returning.

Those Red Hats were here a few weeks ago as I’ve mentioned. I believe I’ve had sufficient time to look through their pics and share with you. Their story usually starts something like this:

When these guys arrive at Camp, they do what every hard-core angler does on the fist Saturday of their fishing vacation: they eat(?) How weird is that?

Once that’s out of the way they get pretty serious about things. Lee brings his embroidery kit from home to fill in the slow times on the boat:

They compete to see who can catch the best red horse (none as good as John Vanada’s, though):

They enjoy a little scenery:

I spy two eagles in the sky…do you?

Here comes the rain again (please sing to the tune of Eurythmics…)

They actually do fish from time to time. Here’s Rich netting Jim’s northern.

Rich and Jim seem to have become closer over the years:

I can’t remember if this smallie was a Conservation Award or not. Anyway, nice fish Lee!!

Lee is a musky slayer! This one holds a record all its own:

Lee’s embroidery skills make him good at cleaning fish:

Ahhh, returning back to Camp after a rough day on the water:

and enjoying a myriad of sunsets during the week:

We have our annual shot together every year at potluck. Here’s one of just the guys:

This one’s for my perverted friend Dawn:

The guys have been very into fitness since last year. Gruper saw Lee flexing for the other guys one morning. Here are a couple of them flexing out on the lake (we’re lucky they weren’t mooning):

I didn’t know how serious they had become about body building. Maybe it’s a mid-life thing? Anyway, rumor has it they entered a competition:

They’re all winners in our book! Until next year, guys, bye-bye:

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