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Sunday, Part 2

I continue to have problems with WordPress (my blog host).  I’ll contact them this week to see if we can resolve the problems.  If not, I’ll probably have a new blog host by this time next week…

On our way to Ear Falls last week we saw a sow with twin cubs.  On our way back we saw a lone bear with a funky limp.  Of course we did not have the camera with us (sorry).  Eldon is not around Camp yet, but last year he didn’t show up until opening week.  Now that the docks in I’ll keep an eye out for our pet northerns.  We still haven’t seen a moose:(  I saw a second pine martin hopping around the other day.  It looked more like last year’s little devil:  a bit bigger and darker than last week’s.

In between cabin cleanings I took another walkabout.  I checked my other crops, chatted with a gull and took a close-up of some moss Gruper liked.

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