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The fish are calling, and I must go…

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

This week’s blog is short and sweet. Camp was busy, Earl and Patsy celebrated their anniversary, Bridget said good-bye (for now), and fishing has continued to hold strong.

Cameron killed it with these walleye he caught:

Our thoughts go out to Jim, one of our guests this week, who had a sudden illness and had to cut his trip short. We heard he’s doing well, but will continue prayers. Thanks Tom and Don for being such troopers.

A few pics from earlier in the summer that may not have made it to the blog page yet:

John’s 25.5″ walleye:

I hope everyone can be as happy as Skip is here:

Some Stobb beauties:

I can relate to the rest of you now when you say the pics are hard to look at right after you leave cause you wish you were still there. Here, Ryan takes a sunset pic solo, right after I left.

It’s never too late to send pictures/video of your trip. And, it’s back to school time. Wishing all the Tall Pines kiddos a good school year- maybe if you get to pick a topic for some project, you’ll choose Tall Pines- and if you do, share it with us. Let’s keep those memories alive!

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