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Time for A Breather

Hi there.

We finished up another busy week at Camp and now enter a few weeks of slower-paced living.  Mark has been wonderful during the busy times and should be able to manage things while we take a day and go to town (perhaps even having a lunch date).

The cold weather continues.  Highs are in the mid-60’s for the most part.  We had a lot of rain and wind last week.  I think we pumped boats at least three times during the week.  This week looks less rainy but still unseasonably cool.

The cool temps have walleye reports staying in the 8-12′ range.  Dave and Co. limited out every day last week!  They told me they use jiggin’ spoons, 2″ grubs and crawlers.  They locate from the top so as not to scatter the fish, then get ‘er done.  These guys are pretty impressive for every-two-year dudes.

Wayne A. released a couple of pig smallies.  I’ll get them added to the Big Fish page soon.  Pat released a 23″ walleye (picture, please), and Ron V. released a 36″ northern (picture, please).  Wayne M. also released a big smallie:)  We continued to see nice perch and a few crappies as well.

Potluck was two deep-fried turkeys.  I had about a handful left!  The hit dish was a cooked cabbage dish from Eric and Company!  The secret:  LOTS of butter;)  Eric and his wife were celebrating their 25th anniversary, and Garrett had a birthday as well.

My Guys were here a few weeks ago.  I miss them as soon as they’re gone!  Their traditions are as fun as they are:)  A few traditions include beers and their glasses,



(keep an eye on their various fishing ensembles as well),

and food

(don’t forget the almost-world-famous ribs for potluck either).

Aaron’s beard and its removal seem to be working their way into tradition mode as well

thank goodness (just sayin’).

I enjoyed a couple of the novelty shots from their photo collection this year…those are fishing lures and flies in the toilet seat

They saw a swimming yearling moose early in the week.  Once the mommas have this year’s calf, they send last year’s calf out on their own.  We often see them sort of wandering aimlessly.  This one chose to wander by water.


We went on our annual adventure and saw Momma Bear and twin cubs!

They saw a funky bug-spider and, well, a snake really close up!

Remember when Fred and Bonnie had a snake in their boat last year???

I liked this scary sky the guys caught


and really liked this hole in the sky…I’m so sure someone’s peeking down


Is it my imagination or does this cloud look like an animated frog???


Do you see a fish in this reflection???


We have some nice scenery shots


even from the comfort of their cabin:)

They have nicknames for many places on the lake, as do lots of our guests.  I can only imagine what they call this:


I wonder what Kevin’s knee sees??


So….do they ever fish?  Yes, my friends, they do!  They are pretty good at it, too!  Here’s Kevin with a great walleye:


and Aaron with a nice whitefish (he had to drink a punishment beer later that evening).


Here’s KB with another nice ‘eye

and Aaron with a great perch!


Aaron…clam (we had three caught that week!)


Alright…Aaron catches the occasional acceptable fish

and Kevin wins the booby prize sometimes.

One thing’s for sure:  at the end of the day they never go hungry…


I’ll close with a couple of nice sunset shots from My Guys.  Thanks for the great blog fodder!  See you next year…The Other AG


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