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Time for A Quickie

Welcome back!

This entry will be pretty short for a few reasons.  I’m running very short on blog fodder, Folks.  Lots of people owe me photos of their stay and/or big fish!!!!  I can’t just walk around taking pictures all day, especially since I killed my camera last week.

Fishing was still troublesome last week.  The mayflies continued to work their voodoo most of the week.  Toward week’s end we began seeing some northern and perch, but walleye were apparently full-bellied on that special treat.  Tony, Jack and Linda returned from fishing today with a report of five walleye!  This is a good, good sign.  Things should begin to pick up around here which would be nice for everyone.

The weather itself could not be nicer.  Temps have been mid-70’s by day, 60ish by night.  This makes for good sleeping and enjoyable lake time.  I did a preliminary blueberry check…we need more sunshine and perhaps more rain.  The berries are still small and green:(  Last year I was picking by now!

Last week I shared Mary’s photos.  This week, Wes is up!  He was here at the same time and has a killer camera (unlike my killed camera).  I’ll be using a few of his photos at sports shows.  Here are a few of his faves.

Mary and Nancy posed in front of Perrault Falls:


Those ladies fished pretty much ’round the clock!

They did well on perch during their visit.  Here’s a photo of Nancy down in Keynote (where I think they found some of their perch):


Sunsets were great during their stay, and Wes caught some great ones!

Thursday Sunset-001 (Large)

I said “wow” out loud when I opened this one!


Good job, God!

OK…so I’ve been really, really busy this week.  My seester Rebecca arrived Thursday.  She brought back-up:


It’s Mackayla’s first visit!  Talk about a shot in the arm–this did it for me:)  We have explored the lake, collecting snails, leeches, and random stuff.  She went all-in!

Mackaylaswimming 002

We’ve made very rhubarby apple sauce and this blueberry banana bundt cake:


We’ve driven and seen 8 bear, 3 moose and 1 wolf!  Our first drive produced the trifecta:  bear, moose, wolf.  That will be tough to beat!

Tomorrow we are taking a glass class:)  Last night’s sunset topped off a very good day:


Have a fantastic week, Everyone!  I know I will;)

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