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to keep my word to you! Technically it’s still last week since I usually don’t post until Sunday. We’ll do a fishing report, etc., tomorrow. I’m going to shoot for a Tim photo fest today. Tim was a newbie week-before-last. He joined his father-in-law Roger, uncle-in-law Bob, and three other guys during that very tough walleye week. Doug and Wilfred had been here before; Glenn, like Tim, was a newbie. Gruper and I figured these guys would do fine and they did.

Let’s start with some fishing pics. Whatcha’ got there Rog?

or was it this?

How ’bout you, Bob. Whatcha’ got?

Wilfred…how ’bout you?

Looks like they had enough for supper!

They can’t all be keepers…we need some seed in the lake:

Here are a few more fishin’ pics:

When they’re not fishin’, they’re packing a lunch or just playing with the camera timer!

I liked these pics of beaver trees and an eagle visiting a beaver hut:

Perhaps a father-son talk in the tree?

Tim does birds very well. Here are some great heron shots:

Where’s Waldo?

As much as we dislike pelicans, it’s hard to deny these are cool shots of take-off and landing:

Here are a couple shots of a male merganser. I don’t think he likes having his foot wet(?)

Here’s a bit ‘o scenery for you:

and a sunset, too (notice the critter swimming in the foreground of the second shot):




I’ll close with a series of great loon shots. As the adult realized she and her nest had been seen, she began dancing–similar to a duck who pretends to be wounded, the loon wants to draw the attention to itself and away from the nest.

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