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Update: Good News, Sad News

Greetings.  I apologize for being a horrible blog-poster this winter.  Things get CRAZY once January hits, and this year has been no exception.  Here’s what’s been going on:

I’ve continued teaching full-time since December.  I am subbing as a Strategist for students with learning disabilities.  I could not love it more!  I am in a great building and honestly feel like part of the team.  I’ve fallen in love with the students–something I swore I wouldn’t do–and truly enjoy my time with them.  I was invited to finish the school year–which I can’t–but I’ve agreed to stay until April 13.  Never have I had such respect for full-time teachers–especially those with children at home.  Wow.  I can’t post photos of the students but here are some ice castles the 2nd graders created in their classrooms:

Gruper and I just finished the sports show circuit last Sunday in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  It was a six-show season again, and we feel it went well again.  We think we had a record number of visitors/guests come find us!  We love it when guests–former, present, and future–pay us a visit and break up the monotony.  In case you’re not in any of our show areas,  here’s what the Tall Pines Camp booth looks like:

Each year we update the photo displays as necessary and include a number of the photos you all send us.  It takes time to get it ready but we think it’s time well spent.

In between shows and working, we’ve been doing work in our kitchen.  We finished painting yesterday, and backsplash will be put in next weekend hopefully.  The updating was way overdue and I think we’ll love the results.  Again, it just takes a lot of time and energy.

We are currently beginning the process of preparing to head north.  After eight years, we have it down pretty well.  We plan to arrive around April 24.  That will give us just a bit less than one month to get cabins cleaned, laundry room installed, etc.  You know I’ll do much better at posting once we’re there:)

OK.  On to family news.  We welcomed our first great nephew Friday evening!  Navy nephew Jake and his wife Jessi, who are both stationed on Whidbey Island in Washington State, are the proud parents of Jack Shaemus!  I fear I won’t be able to meet him until fall:(  Jack is the first grandson to brother Bruce and his wife Victoria.  Here’s a photo I took from Facebook of Jake and Jack:

Jack joins the three great nieces:  Mackayla, Mya and Alysha.  Speaking of Mackayla, she turned 5 in January.  She chose a pink tutu to wear to her Jungle Bungle birthday party:

That’s the closest to a standing still photo I could get all evening!  It was crazy with kids, family, pizza and cake!  She is doing well and cannot wait to start kindergarten this fall!  She is very ready– spelling, writing, etc.  Here’s another photo of her at our house:

Well, that’s most of the good news.  Now for the sad news.  August LaRoy Grupe, aka Gus, aka Gomer Man-ass, was killed by a car Wednesday night or early Thurs.  morning.  Even though he had plenty of hunting area behind our house, he insisted on working the fence line across the street.  He had been lucky several times.  He was not so lucky this week.

We had really gotten into a rhythm with Gus.  We were looking forward to bringing him back to Canada and having everyone meet him.  Some of you met him last fall and knew he was something.  He was very simple but an incredible hunter and soooooo affectionate.  Gruper and I had both bonded something fierce with him–a first for Gruper and a cat.  Gus was SUCH a guy, ergo the nickname Gomer Man-ass.  He enjoyed hanging with Gruper at the end of the day and having a beer:

He also enjoyed lounging on the deck with me:

He was cool–no doubt about it.  We think we’ll take a break from pets now:  two cat goodbyes in less than a year is two too many.

Look for posts once we hit Camp!  Take care…

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