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Updates and Another Photo Fest!I

Happy Sunday to you!  We are having another fairly quiet week so I’ll have time to give you a good blog entry!  Get this:  I actually took a nap yesterday–yesterday was SATURDAY and I took a nap!  It was timed perfectly, and I awoke before guests arrived.  Absolutely lovely.

Last week’s weather was a mixture.  We were downright chilly early in the week, nasty rainy for a couple of days, then hot and humid by Friday.  Temps have been 80ish, with no hope of a breeze.  The humidity isn’t like home but it is still sticky, and the only air conditioning is in the vehicles.  We’re due for rain today which should bring things back to normal.

So, the weather wasn’t the only thing against us.  The mayfly hatch keeps dragging on.  It’s not a blanket of them…more like a slow, steady trickle for well over a week now.  Camp was small and everyone got fish–mostly right here on 1st Lake for the walleye–but it was tough work.  Perch seemed to be the best bet.  Curt and Jacob were here last year (Jacob was the perch-fishing machine).  They returned this year with a bigger group and did well on perch again.  They did comment that it wasn’t the same type of fishing as last year, e.g., they found tons of perch in Mud Lake last year and not nearly as many or as large this year.  They caught the bulk of their perch on 1st Lake and even shared their locations and strategies with Jon and his group.


There were definitely some piggies caught!

Gruper and I made our monthly trip to Dryden on Tuesday.  We hadn’t recycled for about 5 weeks and had filled many boxes with our household recycling.  Freya was tickled to see the boxes emptied:


One morning during the week was thick with fog.  It took longer to lift than usual and even grounded the geese:


I attended sign-making class Thursday afternoon.  We had been wanting a way to gently let people know about our pet northerns.  If we forget to tell newbies, we look out the window in time to watch them drop a hook among them.  I decided to create a practical sign:

no fishing

While I was busy making a functional sign, Murray was busy on a project too!  We had purchased some solid-surface stuff that I thought might make a good countertop in our more rustic cabins.  We decided to start with Cabin 4:



I LOVE it!  We will wait and see how the glue stuff holds over winter.  If it holds well, Cabin 2 is next:)

I baked Twix cookies to celebrate:


I also baked a nice apple/blueberry crisp for potluck.  I am into my last bag of 2014’s blueberries.  Get this:  while I was at sign-making class, a woman from Vermilion Bay casually says, “I had time to pick a few blueberries this morning.”  All casual…just like that.  EXCUSE ME:  I don’t even start scouting for another week or so and she’s out picking them all willy-nilly!  Enough of that.  I’ll have a blueberry report next week.

We were a small potluck, so I made a yummy chicken/stuffing crockpotty thing.  I made two large crocks and was glad ’cause there wasn’t much left.  I also made carrots almondine ’cause I had, like, a ton of carrots again.

I just took a break from blogging to take a walk before it gets too sticky (too late, by the way).  Anyway, in the first mile I picked up a wounded friend:

moth 1

It walked over 3 miles with me!  I brought it back to Camp.  I can’t tell if it’s a dragon fly or a moth(?)

moth 2

The wings are very dragon flyish but its face is definitely more mothy.  I’ve never seen such beautiful wings!  I placed it on a dahlia and hope it can survive.

There are flowers all over the place right now!  My geranium still has no blooms but tons of foliage.  The rose outside Cabin 11 opened this week:


I bought a new rose in Dryden and need to find a just right place to put it.  My mom always liked to buy dianthus because they sell as annuals but volunteer and come back every year.  Here’s a perfect example.  I planted nothing new in this planter this year and it is full of dianthus:


Becky and Alan are up for photo fest this week!  I raided their camera before they left:)  These two people know how to vacation!  Alan takes trips to kill things:


They love beautiful scenery all year round:


Rumor has it that Becky is a gold digger:


She has her hands full here:


Funny…she’s making the same face while holding up a Wabaskang red horse!


She and sister-in-law Sherry caught a limit or two of perfect eaters during their visit:


Sherry’s husband Larry helps hold the fish for photo ops, though:


Alan was in charge of shore lunch preparation:


He also had a chance to fish:


Plus he had a big walleye on the Conservation Awards page!  Becky doesn’t do so bad herself:


Look at those piggies!  She caught a crappie, too!


Another turtle sighting!


I’d rather have turkeys than geese:


But I’ll keep this eagle around:


This photo from Becky’s camera of our loggers has me befuddled.  That looks like Cabin 1 but can’t be…


’cause this is what remains of Cabin 1:


Coming next week:  blueberry report!!!!

Coming next year:  Becky and Alan:)

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