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Week 2 of the 2017 season is already behind us–where does the time go?  Our week was a mixture of new and used guests, and most everyone had a good time and caught some good fish!  Eric added a 24″ walleye to the Big Fish page, and Frank and Chris each added a lake trout!

Since Wednesday was still officially May, we opted for a social hour instead of a potluck.  Gruper said it’s hard to tell the difference…

We had a just-right variety of hot, cold, sweet, salty (the food that is, not the people)!  I think we were mostly celebrating the end of four days of foulness!  It was rainy, windy and cold until Wednesday afternoon:(  I was as dark as I get and was so happy to see Thursday’s sunshine!  I got to wear shorts and break out some new footwear!

Our anglers were troopers for the most part, though, and fished in way-less-than-desirable conditions.  Chris had some eye-catching and appropriate footwear of her own:

She and her husband Frank hung out with Brent and fished for lakers.  Success!

Charley and Nancy brought Ryan back for a second year!  Those people fished all day, every day!  Charley catches all the crappie he wants back in Missouri but was thrilled when they caught one clear up here!  As a matter of fact, we saw and/or heard of probably a half-dozen crappie last week.  I’ll post some of Eric’s pics next week.

John and Nate were new to us.  The weather was certainly not a welcoming factor but they proved to be pretty hearty as well.  Here they are watching the northerns get fed:

Oh, hang on:  looks like they got things figured out pretty well for first timers:

Good job guys!

Speaking of pets…we’re up to at least three so far this year

Speaking of pets…Freya continues to not like it here.  She now lays in a box lid on a chair under the table when she’s wanting attention

I mentioned one day that I’d never seen a smallie small enough to be kept this time of year (13.75″ or less until July 1).  All of them we see are 16″+.  Bless John’s heart.  He caught one and brought it in!

Such a tiny little thing!  Speaking of John, we all know he makes beautiful things.  Here is my new opener (thank you).  The handle is a pineapple design:

This week promises to be great!  We have many used guests as well as a smattering of newbies!  Skip and company had a glorious first day (one of his best ever, and he’s been coming for a long, long time):

So that’s the ups for last week!  We had only one down but it was a doozie!  Frank’s last day was Friday.  Everyone, meet Mark!

Mark comes to us from Dryden and has relevant experience!  He will offer fish cleaning services as well.  Please give him a hearty welcome when you visit!

See you next week!

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