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The pics in this blog are in no particular order but you'll get a sense of the weather flucutation up here so far. We're looking forward to some drier, less windy days, but our fishermen know you take what He gives you. The Wabby water temps stalled out in week 2 going back into the 40s. Now they are creeping into the 50s again. A lot of rain, so the water levels are on the high side- hey we'll take it! Smallmouth are staging to spawn and crappie bite is still great while perch are on deck to fire up. There were some epic days on the water had by select boats, while fishing was a little tougher in general for this time of year due to the water temp.

Carl "Wags" was back for his third time. This ball of energy loves to fish, has a heart of gold, is sure to break something every year, and had some epic days out on the Wabby:

This group of four was special this year. Parents June and Gary were unable to join son Eric and Crystal for last year's trip, but made it happen this year, despite all the odds. They have so many memories of fishing Canada over the years, and their bond is pretty neat. June's sharing of baked treats doesn't hurt either. They also know how to fish and didn't let some windier days stop them from catching more fish. Crystal 34’’ pike, Eric's pike, 19” smallie, 13.5 crappie. Walleye’s 16 to 23”:

Its been some fun crappie fishing for many, with Brenda taking the leaderboard with a 14.25incher:

So glad to have siblings Brett and Adrienne back with their friend Ted. Not gonna lie, seeing how tight these two are made me really long to have my own brother up here. They caught and released a lot of fish including this 23.25" walleye beauty:

check out their then and now from Tall Pines:

John also caught some nice fish and got anxiety over leaving his last day cause he was having so much fun:

This was a father son team effort at catching and releasing this 42" northern! Brad took his time reeling it in while Dad Tom kept waiting for the perfect moment to net it. The video was pretty exciting to watch:

Jeff and brother Keith were part of the Bear's Den guys groups week 2; they got into some nice smallmouth, while others were patient and found the crappie when they just started to get active:

Bill and Bill returned with 2 buddies this year. Here's one of Bill's walleye pics he shared:

And newbie buddy Ron's smallie:

Eagle's Nest enjoyed their first time out on the Wabaskang. Steve and his gang had to work for the crappie and walleye but were rewarded with those as well other species including smallmouth, doubling up on pike, and a 30incher pike. Ben even found the perch which were pretty elusive last week:

Jeremy, aww Jeremy, many of you have met him by now, was back. He loved the challenge of finding quality fish in new areas and the challenge was accepted:

Mark, Shawn, Butch, and Scrapdaddy were back and probably hold the record so far for number of fish fries in one week:

Camp life is in full swing with the sound of the frogs and waterfall while night fishing off the docks, getting filled up on potluck grub, and enjoying some live music compliments of Brad:

A calm, still morning with the smell of bacon wafting out the cabins while guys enjoy that morning coffee:

The wildlife has been quite impressive these last few weeks:

And finally here's the rundown of the last 2 leaderboards:

So that's the latest in the Wabby world. We just had a new guest Dave, staying in the Bear's Den, comment on how nice it has been to just get away and not realizing how much he needed it until he understood what if felt like to be truly relaxed. It does feel like we are in a different world up here sometimes, oblivious to whats happening in the states for a period of time. Thanks to everyone who has visited this Wabby World and Happy soon to be Father's Day to all the incredible Dads/Papis/Grandpas/Uncles- you all make fishing so special.

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beautiful fish for sure .........almost makes me wanna come back........ TOOTY


Can't wait to get my line in the water!


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