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We’ve Been A Bit Busy

At least I gave you a bonus entry last week!  There was a lot going on then as well, but I wasn’t ready to share any information.  Everybody meet Michael:


He’s our new guy.  We already like him lots and feel we can count on him!  He’s originally from Timmons, Ontario, but most recently has been living in Dryden.  Now, he lives at Tall Pines Camp and appears to be an asset.

If I could choose one face from my readers that I’d like to see right now, it’d be that of Bruce D. from Illinois.  He was here a few weeks ago and all was fine.  He’ll be back in a couple of weeks with his wife, and I’m sure I’ll visit with a glass of wine and to have a laugh or two.  It’s not that he’s surprised to find that we’ve changed employees, it’s that he’s truly curious.

The rain continues to stay away!  This week has been quite warm during the day (80’s) and cools off nicely for sleeping (50-60).  We saw a big splash off the dock yesterday


Was it a northern?  A piggy perch?  No, it was Eric.  I think his buddies Bowie and Mitch were giving him scores:


Perch fishing is the way to go this week.  The days have been so bright and sunny that folks are having to low-light the walleye.  Gruper went out yesterday afternoon and was able to find a couple of walleye for Rebecca and I to have for breakfast today. 

I added three big fish from last week to our Conservation Awards page.  The whole “D” thing continues, with Dan D. releasing two nice northern larger than 36″.  His buddy Pete released the beautiful 24″ walleye.  I think it’s bigger than that by the way…

With all the drama around Camp, you know where I went…to the kitchen.  We had Bob and Barb in for dinner.  I made a cool strawberry shortcake for dessert



I know this is a short entry.  I still have photos from Kevin/Aaron/Dave, Sonny and Kathy, and new ones from Mary’s visit last week.  I will share them…when there’s time enough to do them justice and my blood pressure returns to normal (serenity now, serenity now). 

Take care and be patient;)

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