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Weather you like it or not…

it’s Canada (yes, pun intended). Holy cow! We continue to experience weather extremes–from fire-building cold in Cabin 4 to blow-you-off-the-lake wind. Today is very, very windy. Everyone went out for a bit, but many returned once the gale force winds started. Crazy!

We had another great group of people last week. It was a nice mix of new and used guests, all of whom were just plain nice. The weather extremes didn’t seem to freak anyone out too much. Fishing wasn’t as phenomenal as previous weeks, but folks were able to find good eaters and take some home as well.

Tony brought the folks back for a week of quality family time. His dad Jack visibly enjoys being here. They fish pretty hard for all of our species. Here’s some evidence…

Those pics are of Tony. Here’s another with a bass, but if you want to see his big bass you’ll have to check out the Conservation Page of our website ( He’s on there with a 19″er!

That’s Linda with a northern. You wouldn’t know it, the way she’s buried in those clothes! Here are a couple of good pics of her:

This is Jack. He dearly loves his family:)

He loves it here, too! That makes us very lucky. Here are some nice scenery photos he took. I’ll start with an eagle in honor of our great country’s Independence Day:

Here’s an awesome sky that kind of sums up last week’s weather: the light and the dark of it!

A little glitter for my gal Sal whose birthday was Wednesday:

Jack’s loon looks like he cut it out of a Terry Redlin painting:

I don’t know if this pic is a hint or what, but this lure is very realistic looking:

Lee and Cindy have been here a while. Each has released a NICE walleye. I posted them on Facebook today and on our Conservation Awards Page. Here’s Lee perching it up:

I just mentioned I hadn’t seen any baby loons yet…look what Cindy saw:

I heard a peeping yesterday. It was a baby flicker who’d fallen from the next. I tried to feed him a worm–he wanted no part of it.

A huge storm rolled up yesterday. I found it funny that the ducks left the water and huddled in the yard:

We went fishing on Thursday! We were horrible:( I caught the first fish–a northern–and first walleye! We did not catch another walleye:( We got into some perch–something we don’t do often. I asked Gruper to keep one 12″er for my dinner:

We caught a bunch of northern, none quite big enough for me to beg to bring in.

Such a pairadux

I’ll close with three of my scenery pics. The first is a not-very-good reflection:

I decided to channel Picasso with my water lily pics:

We’d like to give a bit shout-out to Dongot this week. Hope your ankle replacement was a success. Follow the doc’s orders!!! P.S. Your bro released a 26.5″ walleye today…xoxo

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