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Week 1 Report

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

What a first week! Lots to share…

First, many of you are curious about the current water levels. Those that were here last year will be pleased to hear that the levels have risen quite a bit since last summer’s near record lows. Ryan estimates the water is a good 20 inches higher than it was at this same time last year. Yes! Water temps currently are in the mid to upper 50’s.

The days are getting longer, which provided extra hours of daylight to fish for this week’s group. The fish cleaning house was busy until 11 P.M. numerous nights. Earl sure became a favorite around here in no time.

The “Boots” group has been around through multiple camp owners. They estimated this is their 29th year and over 200 years Wabaskang experience between all of them. Ryan enjoyed getting to know them- and even took a day to go fishing with them (this is his new definition of “work”). The Northern were hitting good- many in the upper 30’s- 40’s range. Most guys were limiting out in eater size walleye with numerous trophy sized ones caught and released as well. I think the fact they keep coming back year after year speaks volumes of our fishery. They’ve definitely got the shorelunch thing down:

Dan and Tess were new to us this year, and made the perfect Tall Pines guests- we hope they enjoyed themselves and that they come back!

Scott, who we were lucky enough to meet this spring, reeled in this nice one:

That reminded him of this one caught a couple years ago:

At camp we added these in a few places:

And found a new hangout spot:

Ryan took Earl out one afternoon to show him around, but couldn’t not cast a few:

And since no one has sent a walleye pic yet, Ryan volunteered this one:

And then had a nice fresh walleye dinner (with a much smaller keeper size than the above one he released)…

He actually did do some other work too this week- Ryan found out the hard way that everything shuts down on Victoria Day; we still have a bit to learn 🙂 We also had some people pop by camp that we met at fishing shows or have been following the blog so that was neat.

Click below to hear that one of a kind sound:

A post shared by Tall Pines Camp Perrault Falls (@tallpinescampperraultfalls) on May 10, 2019 at 4:32pm PDT

While the snow/rain has helped us outfitters up North, we are reminded that it is quite the opposite in the Midwest. I know everyone is so over the all the rain! Our thoughts are with our farmer friends (Jake/Houli) and our numerous guests that rely on weather as their way of life. We are praying that crops can still get planted and for peace of mind for all.

With it also being Memorial Day Weekend, we pause to be grateful for all the servicemen that have sacrificed themselves for our freedom. While Ryan and I are excited to have a home and camp in Canada, we are still proud Americans through and through. God Bless!

And that’s a wrap:

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