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Where Did Spring Go???

Hilarious:  the ice went off our part of the lake last Sun. and was pretty much off all of Wabaskang by Wed., and today it’s in the 80’s!  Go figure.  Here’s a cool sunset from Camp with ice still floating:

Our first week’s group seemed to have a great time! Sandra and Eldon’s biggest complaint was that the walleye were too big! In the true spirit of conservation, they kept only a couple of walleye for the entire week. They threw back several 18″ and bigger. THANK YOU for respecting our wishes! You know what that means to us. This was their first year without Sandra’s mother Wilma. I wanted to pay some sort of tribute and wanted to incorporate one of Wilma’s doilies. I chose my favorite,

found out how to starch it, and put it in a neat shadow-box frame. The result now hangs above Wilma’s bed:

Our Green Bay contingent added some pics to our Big Fish page. Visit our website at, scroll down to 2014 Conservation Awards, and take a peek. Here’s a big laker Paul released and another that Don kept:

Paul, Jeremy and Blake also enjoyed some incredible perch fishing! They reported catching 500+ one day! Here’s a mess they decided to take home:

One of the guys caught a tree. It must have been too big for the boat:

We had some new guys from Kaukauna and Eau Claire. They seemed to really enjoy themselves AND got very close to this wolf swimming across the lake:

It emerged from the lake onto this big rock. He’s hard to see–almost camouflaged–but he’s a big bugger (eh, Cliff and Joe?):

These guys also had the misfortune of seeing this eagle floating. Let’s hope it was just natural causes or old, old age:

Our Green Bay guys got to watch a beaver in action:

Between last week’s ice and this week’s heat we had a variety of conditions. Here’s a good pic of the ice piles along the shoreline:

We had a lot of mist and fog as well–and they just happened to make incredible reflections:

The lake level is way up this year. Here’s a pic I took from the deck of my outside office. It’s the shoreline in front of Cabins 3, 2, 1 and the boat launch:

Here are some nice scenery photos from the Green Bay guys:

Oddly, I’ve already spotted some mosquitos this year. We’re talkin’ BIG buggers (eh, Cliff and Joe). Hopefully they’re just random survivors of a really tough winter! I hope they don’t increase in value:

Let’s wrap it up with a great non-icy sunset and a nightscape:

night sky
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