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Whirlwind (or is it a landslide?)

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

UPDATE:  Mary left Friday morning for the hospital.  Her appendix was giving her fits.  She spent the night in Dryden, and Brad picked her up on his way home Saturday.  I received a call this morning FROM MARY.  They drove straight home yesterday.  Her appendix was ready to pop, so she had surgery at 9:00 last night and will be home tomorrow.  Wow…what a way to end a vacation, eh???  Heal quickly and God bless, Mary!

Wow!  That week flew by quickly!  We had a lot going on around Camp–as we always do this time of year–and just when we hit our stride, it’s time to start all over!  Fishing was good, and Mark got a workout cleaning fish for our guests.  We saw lots of great eater walleye and perch, as well as some just right northerns.  I’ve caught up on the Big Fish page (I think): (scroll down and click when you see the Big Fish icon).  William released 24 and 26″ walleyes; Skip released a fat 39.5″ northern; Dave and William each added 19″ish smallies; and I’m waiting for some additional photos.  Thanks in advance…

Our first potluck was a carnivore’s paradise!  I did venison loaf and rhubarb upside-down cake.  We had meatballs, chicken, ribs, sausage bread, a meaty pasta dish, etc.  Chris made a yummy bean salad and a made coleslaw–that was ’bout it for veggies!  Suffice it to say we had a batch of happy anglers!

Last week’s guests pretty much all know each other due to annual roll-over.  It’s so funny when they see each other!  They’re also very helpful with fishing spots and techniques.  Skip and William helped out Chris and his son Finn.  I was delighted when Finn reported releasing a 23″ walleye!  I know that pic will be coming, and I’ll certainly share it!  That was one proud young man!  Stay tuned for more pics from last week in the near future.

This is Paul


He was part of a group of four who visited two weeks ago.  These guys can fish!  Paul added a 24″ walleye to the Big Fish page.  He caught a few more fish as well…

Here’s Paul with his dad Bob


Those fellas had a meal that night!


Bob added a 36″ northern to the big fish page!  He, too, caught some nice fish during their stay


Paul and Bob were hanging out with Terry


and Brian (who caught a cute northern)


Brian’s catches improved along the way; he added a 19″ smallie and a 25″ walleye to the Big Fish page!  Here are a couple more of his fishes…


Terry was the man to beat, though!  He added 3, 25″ walleye, a 26″ walleye and a 36″ northern to the Big Fish page!


I think I spied a key to their success and a possible angling aid in this photo…


They liked whistler jigs and/or roadrunners with twister tails attached. They were going light (1/8 oz.) ’cause the fish are still shallow.

These guys are here for more than the angling though.  They enjoy their time together and they truly enjoy God’s country!  Here are some nice photos:


I think sunbeams find these guys


But it wasn’t all sunshine–rain’s a comin’!


I loved this hole in the sky and the great clouds


A familiar sight around Camp;)


I’m guessing they saw humor in this…do your laundry, buy some tackle…you can also buy water dispenser refills in there!


The guys enjoyed some very nice sunsets during their stay…

My personal favorite….


I’ll close with my favorite pic of theirs:)  Have a good week!

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