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Yes, I’m Still (Up) Here

Even though things are coming to a close, I’ll have photos to share for at least a few more entries. I’ve been busy closing up cabins and Gruper’s been busy putting boats away. Cabin 3 got its roof last week–something that was a top priority! We had nowhere to store the materials for the winter, so getting it on the cabin was our only option.

We had good friends from home in last week. Fishing was great for them! Newton and Frank reported putting over 100 walleye in the net by midday last Monday. Gilky and his dad Mo said they had netted at least 50 that same morning. You can see Frank (and Newton, his net guy) on the Conservation Awards Page with a 26″ walleye! He released many over 20″ that day as well. Here are all four guys:

One of our favorite things about their visit is that we always take time to go fishing with them! This trip was no exception. Gruper and I bundled up and headed out last Tuesday. We had a very, very good day on 2nd and 3rd Lakes. I caught the first, we probably tied for biggest, I lost count for most, and we both got points for variety (an occasional northern). Here’s a 21″er I caught:

They were all beautiful, healthy fall fish. We kept a couple of eaters for our annual shore lunch. Frank does the cooking. Here he is with Gilky as first mate (Bender, where are you???):

Our shore lunch fare was a bit less traditional than usual:

Gilky brought giant steaks for dinner one night. They were tasty. I had been looking for an excuse to whip up one of these babies:

And, yes, it’s blueberry…and it was still warm when we ate it.

Tom and his brother John were here last week for their second time this year. They got a special delivery on Sunday…their friend Travis arrived by float plane:

I continue to sort through Marji’s photos. I realize I’ve neglected to point out that she and Neal actually do fish while they’re here:

OK. They don’t just microfish (thank you Mike and Gavin S. for that term)…here’s Marji with a legit walleye:

Marji got a lot of good scenery pics. Here’s an eagle coming in for a landing:

I wonder what these mergansers are talking about?

I love this pink moss. She had several beautiful pics of it:

Neal was one of this year’s successful bear hunters. Marji was a supportive spouse throughout–giving up her evenings while he sat, accompanying him on his recovery, and helping him put up the most unusual tree stand we’ve ever seen:

Marji was present for the skinning process as well. I thought this looked like a respectful final photo of this bear:

Tom did not get a bear this year. It’s certainly not for lack of effort OR because he didn’t blend in well enough:

Nice pic, Ty. The guys spent their mornings fishing and did pretty darned well:

Oh, hey Kraig!

Ty released a 12+” perch during his stay as well! You can see him on the Conservation Awards Page of our website ( He also got a couple of unbelievably good wildlife shots:

Alan and Nancy were here a couple of weeks ago. Nancy released a big walleye that Alan is holding on our Conservation Awards page. They caught a couple of moose in the lake one day:

They took a couple of phenomenal reflection pics and a sunset I liked a lot. I think I’ll close with those today.

Mackenzie would have turned 27 today. I sent her an orange balloon filled with love:)

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