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A Great Week!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi there.  We just finished a very nice week!  Walleye are back in the swing of things which makes for happy campers!  We had nearly all used guests last week with two exceptions:  Bentley who is almost 1 year old (and our second Bentley in one season!) and Pam whose hubby and daughter finally succeeded in getting her to join them.

We continue to really need rain.  We had a couple of showers last week but not enough to help the lake level.  Luckily our guests were catching walleye on 1st and 2nd lakes.  They were able to reach all of the lakes, but weeds and grass made it cumbersome.  Hopefully we’ll get some much needed rain this week.

Last week’s anglers were finding walleye around 13′.  Minnows seemed to be the bait of choice, though some folks were using crawlers as well.

Pam, Katie and I attended an acrylics class at Helen’s.  There were seven of us in all, and I’m the only weirdo who brought a rolling pin to paint!  It had belonged to Gruper’s mum, and Matriarch Pat said I needed to do something with it…


I think Jenn and Brayton had some creative time on their hands this week(?)  I found a plate of fish and bear-shaped cookies in their fridge after they left!  I used to think I’d have time on Saturdays to provide fresh cookies for all of my guests…


Sure made for a delicious pre-breakfast treat!

Brett, Karen and the kids returned to Camp two weeks ago!  They are a great family who thoroughly enjoys their week away from busy schedules.  This was their sixth trip to Tall Pines Camp!  Fishing is the number one item on Brett and Trent’s agendas (agendi?)!


While Trent has apparently outgrown the blueberry picking, he’s still a wonderful big brother who will hang with his sister…


Yes, you;)


Karen and Tricia have multiple items on their to-do lists…

I’m super grateful for the blueberry item!  Tricia is a crafty one!  Now I know who added Inuk-shuks to my planter!!! Thank you!


She made a great friend in Addison (and together they created the time capsule alluded to in last week’s entry and found this week by Brayton!):


All this adventure makes a growing girl tired!


Tricia usually befriends our ducks.  Lacking them this year, she instead found a nice crawdad:


She’ll touch just about anything…


Her mom…notsomuch!


However, Karen takes lots of beautiful pics while she’s here!


And allows me to take the best pic each year:)  Here’s her lovely family during their first visit in 2012


and this year!


Thanks for sharing your time away with us!  See you next year!

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