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And so it begins…

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Greetings and Happy New Year!  We arrived safely in Camp yesterday afternoon.  The house was warm, dinner was ready, and we were relaxing in time to catch Survivor!  I guess we have this down to a science by Year 15.

There is virtually no snow left–maybe a bit in the tree lines along the road, but that’s about it.  Our first sunset of 2018 gives you a glimpse of the ice situation:


Today’s temps neared 70.  Large chunks of ice moved into the shoreline.  We can see open water coming from the narrows.  The opening in front of Camp reaches just beyond the boat ramp.  I’ll continue to provide updates, but we foresee no problems making opener at this time (knocking wood as I type).

We awoke to a BEAUTIFUL day on the lake!


Those are trumpeter swans playing in the foreground and hanging out behind them.  Believe it or not, that’s “our” tree!  I can’t believe how much it grows each year.

One of the first sounds I heard today:  the familiar roar of the Toyota!  I swear Gruper considers that his first official rite of passage each season!  She fired right up.

The best thing about this beautiful day was how quickly we unloaded and unpacked!  I took my time and still accomplished a ton.  I checked out my crop during a brief walkabout:


That’s a promising start to some yummy rhubarb.

As far as a poop report, apparently one/some deer decided our driveway was a great place for a daily deposit!  I took a walk on 105 this afternoon and am 98.62% sure I saw some bear poop as well.

The driveway had many moose and deer tracks as well as a few that are more paw-like.  I’ll try to venture out again within the next day or two and take some pics.

I know this is short but you know there’s more to come!

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