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Back By Popular Demand: Hanna the Guest Blogger!

Remember me?  I’m Hanna and I’ve visited Tall Pines Camp many, many times!  My friend Andrea asked if I could stand in for her this week as she’s been very busy and needed a break!  Rumor has it that she had “home” at Camp last week.  We all know what that means…

We visited a few weeks back and had a great time as always!  Nick was able to put a 24″ walleye on the Big Fish page during our visit

He released it of course, just like Sue did with this nice one a few weeks ago:

I wanted to let you know it’s not always like that with Nick…

That’s a good seed though!  Here he is with a nice bass

We had a good time catching walleye.  I like to inspect the bounty

and photo-bomb when possible

Check out this cool underwater photo

It looks like Jeff’s stringer from a few weeks ago!

Mary loves to take pictures and has an inquiring mind.  She had a spare wildflower book and shared it with Andrea.  We are learning more about the area:)  Here are some newly-knowns

The spotted touch-me-not

the common tansy

Some type of aster (they all look very similar)

Of course, this is a lovely pic of a water lily

Rose hips perhaps?

Some type of thistle or forget-me-not

The book called this “flower and red berry.”  I could have named it that…

This was cool

Forget the flowers in this pic–I love the log that looks like a Flintstone Bone!!!

Get it…’cause I’m a dog who likes bones (wink, wink)

This is a highbush blueberry

and these are WONDERFUL, PLENTIfUL blueberries!

Kind of like the ones Jeff and Sue picked

Mary was into mushrooms a bit this year as well.  Andrea has a mushroom book but has been too busy to check out the specifics.  She does like to point out, however, that with mushrooms there is a fine line between delicacy and almost certain death!

Doesn’t this eagle look like a totem pole?

This gull does not

I enjoy taking boat rides to check out the scenery:

As I was saying, I love boat rides…the wind flapping through my ears and all.

What’s that sound?

Oh, yeah, it’s me practicing retrieves!

I make quite a splash!  The pet northerns make a pretty good one themselves at Camp

We went for a drive.  Guess what we saw????  Yup, a moose.  You gotta’ look quick ’cause it dashed into the bush!

Andrea loves this reflection Mary caught:

as well as this sunset:

Check out this cool rock!

This is a lovely shore lunch spot:

Is it just me or do you see a big set of moose antlers here:

I think Mary was taking a rest when she took this pic:

Andrea reported that Lee released a big bass last week (Lee, she wants to know where the 3rd lizard is??) and Curt released a 13″ perch!  Curt and Katelyn both celebrated their birthdays on Andrea’s birthday last week!  How cool is that???  She said she has some photos to share from last week’s craziness as well!  She thinks this week will be a bit more relaxed….we’ll have to wait and see;)

This is Hanna, signing off.

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