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Back to Work!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi there!  After a few small weeks–due in part to multiple cancellations–things are beginning to get back to normal around here.  We are still somewhat small this week, but the gradual increase will prepare us for next week!

Rod and family left Friday after two weeks with us.  They took home all of their limits (maybe not perch) and had an enjoyable time.  They mix fishing with pleasure!  Rod hooks the tube to his boat, and the kids get to enjoy some water sports on the hot days.

We’ve had a couple of scorchers over the past two weeks.  We are now downright cool (61 as I type) and cloudy.  These conditions have contributed to much improved fishing overall.  We’re seeing walleye in the buckets again and hearing about some nice ones!  Dennis released a 24.5″ walleye yesterday.  Diane had stayed in, so he wasn’t able to get a pic.  Luckily, I can use his brother’s picture from June;)


Thanks, Don!

We are still dry and the lake is low.  I’ve been doing rain dances regularly.  We get just enough to keep the crop thriving…


I have about four gallons in the freezer already!  I plan to check out raspberries this week too.

With the slower Camp comes project work.  Darlene has been painting everything she can get her hands on!  She’s into cabin doors and the cabinets under the kitchen sinks right now.  We’ve been doing some staining and trim work as well.  Gruper and Mark did a log replacement on Cabin 4:


It turned out great!  Gruper discovered a funky little dude while working on Cabin 4:

I didn’t see an angry thorn on him but still was leery.  He has been released to the wild.

I found a picture of the paintings from Doug’s stay a couple of weeks ago:


Helen brings out the artiste in everyone!  Good job, Guys!

I’ve been getting in some kitchen time:)  I made another of those cake rolls:


I found that recipe on facebook.  Here’s another one, the caprese-stuffed avacado:

Look who was here!!!!  Matriarch Pat and bff Sal!  They roadtripped together to bring some love from home!  Pat also brought cow steaks for them and tuna steak for me!


We had a lovely visit!  Sal met a new man!!!


I hope he can take care of her…


our steps came off our deck, and Sal fell and dislocated her shoulder:(  I drove her to Dryden (like the wind) where she received excellent care and left with a souvenir gown and sling!  She’s a trooper, though, and we were picking two days later!  So glad she is strong and healthy!

Sal shared some nice pics from her stay…


I liked this big hole in the sky…


super hazy day


lovely sunset

an end to a lovely week, except for the shoulder of course!  We can add that to our endless list of stories…see you in September, Friend!

Have a good week, All!

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