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Happy Canada Day!

Another great week in the books to wrap up June. Happy Canada Day to everyone!

And another great week of fishing; some days were hotter than others in terms of fish caught, but everyone had some great days on the water. Levels are still slowly creeping down, but plenty high, and temps are creeping up. Weeds are starting to show, and dragonflies are everywhere (keeping our mosquitos down for now thank goodness). Crawler bite is popular right now, but nothings been a dud. Air temps in the 70's mostly, but had a few unusually cool days recently- just when you thought you could put away the thermals lol

The leaderboard on June 25th:

Tom and Carol are a pure joy to have around camp, and they had some of their own joy on the water too:

Tony, his Dad Ron, and Dan had some fun catching some big as well as some small ones :)

And Dan made this for us:

Ken, the host of the WBIG Big Outdoors Show that we've been interviewed on a few times, returned to Tall Pines with fishing mate Roger and did not disappoint. Their enthusiasm for this fishery is contagious:

Long time Wabaskang fisherman Ken (and Kay) brought some newbies with this year, and Rosanna (a fellow Sasquatch fan) had a ball. I also like the unique perspective of the fish house they captured while at the Farkle table:

Colin, sons Austin and Tyler, and Gramps Dale just had a ball. Austin caught a 40" musky (not pictured) and Tyler nailed a 19" smallie as just part of their Father's Day week fun. The thrill as seen through a kid's eyes and smile is priceless:

Pete and Connie were always entertaining at the docks, and caught and released many fish including Connie's 19" smallmouth bass:

More pics coming in from Ty Kamish- including the one of Conner's 26" walleye

Mark, Dale, and Gerry wasted no time in finding these quality walleye, pike, and smallies:

Our Canadian friends Gerry and Ken took it all in doing shore lunch and releasing these walleye beauties:

And a sneak peak at some of this week's guests- Mike with his boys Dylan, Hunter, and Jordan found the walleye on the windiest day of the year (more of their pics to come in next blog):

Dan Henricks had been planned a trip to Tall Pines this year, but sadly passed away in January. His dear wife Kari donated these flowers in honor and memory of him. Thank you Kari, and our hearts go out to you:

The days are long right now- it starts getting light by 5 am and doesn't get dark til 10:30. Yet each day seems to fly by as well. The evenings spent fishing off the docks and lounging on decks watching the sunsets is fun to see. We're all making the most out of our time spent here in God's Country, and hope wherever you are, you are too. Hoping everyone enjoys all the summer celebrations of our freedoms this 4th of July- Cheers and God Bless.

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