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Hard Work!

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Oh, summer, she is upon us!  Last week’s mayfly sightings and hot, humid temps were our first signs.  We began this week with a 40-degree drop in temps overnight and a huge electrical storm.  Add to that the continued mayfly hatch and you have your work cut out for you if you are an angler this week!

Last week’s guests were the most diligent we’ve seen!  They got out there and worked it!  I posted big walleye from Jeanine, Ryan C., Johnny and a late one from Jim Q., northerns from Johnny; and bass from Johnny and John.  I think I’m doing pretty well at keeping up with the photos–if not, please forgive me!  The hatch had walleye anywhere from 2-10′.  Johnny left a great report:  he was using a #18 floating Rapala jerk bait.  Smallies were on topwaters (one specific product was a Whopper Popper).  Johnny’s 47″ northern was caught while fly fishing!  Again, everyone was out there hustling.

Tony decided to fish off the dock a few times.  This was nice!


Wayne and Shirley returned for their annual adventure.  They saw the North Bay Moose


and THREE of these on their way home


On the lake they saw a few things as well:


That might be a sport show pic;)  Thanks for bringing friends, too!  We’ll see you next year!


John and Tony brought wives and friends!  Rich was new to us and has a nice bass:


John found a bigger perch than Wayne’s…


He got to hold his wife Jeanine’s 25″ walleye too!


What a beautiful fish!  Thanks for putting her back, Jeanine!

Ryan R. and his boys returned for another great year!  Laura stayed home, leaving Ryan to tend to his sons’ angling needs.  I guess I should mention that Brayden and Parker are 7 and 5; bear in mind that this isn’t their first trip to Tall Pines Camp…which means this isn’t their first rodeo AT ALL…




They can’t all be giants (but it’s bigger than Wayne’s)…


Sometimes Dad gets to fish…

but what to do with the boys????


or you can just let them be boys…


and that’s a big part of the secret to making them want to fish forever!  Thanks for sharing them again–they are certainly something!  Hopefully Laura will join you guys again next year:)

OK…time to go.  I loved this pic John took last week so it’s my closer!

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