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Knock-knock-knockin on Earl's Door

Fishing/Water Update:

Water temps for the most part are now in the 60's. Levels have finally started to drop- went down about 8 to 10 inches from its high point 2 weeks ago. Crawler bite is improving and quality of walleye has been impressive. It's a good problem to have when you're having trouble getting some eater size walleye cause you're catching so many in the 20's. Depth wise, 7-10' seemed to be producing the most results, with some groups having success starting to go deeper. We're just starting to see some weeds, so that could change the bite a bit as they start to transition.

We've had so many guests over this past month comment on the quality of the fishery here. People who have been coming up here for 30, 40 and even 50 years have said that the fishing is better now than ever before.

It is our hope that with the help of our guests, the fishing will be incredible here for many many years to come.

From the insane amount of fish caught to the fun vibe at camp, weeks 3 and 4 have been an unforgettable two weeks for all those that were a part of it. This week's guests hold a special place to me, as it was week 3 in 2019 that I joined Tall Pines, and everyone was and is still so welcoming. Sorry its taken awhile to get a blog live- its just been so busy here that we've been a bit distracted.

Week 3 leaderboard:

Chris and Finn are the epitome of quality father/son time. Glad they can get away up here, and Finn captured some stellar blood moon and sunset pics, and here's Finn's 18" smallie!

Brett spent his 2nd week up here with daughter and sister for some quality family time, and then wrapped up his final week here with buddy Rodney. They had a ball catching 100's of fish and finding some huge crappie as well as many dandy walleyes and other species

We had three guitarists this week, so they made for some entertaining evenings around the campfire, at the pavilion, and for the guys in the fish house. While John effortlessly played bluegrass tunes, Jaxx played a lot of freestyle melodies that seemed to float in the air. And Bingo is brilliant at changing lyrics to cover songs, and made a fun twist to the Guns and Roses song - and now we can't get it out of our heads

(P.S. Thanks for not taking this song literally)

And now this Week 4's leaderboard:

Mark and Sandy had some great days on the water, here Mark with a 26" walleye:

and a random largemouth bass!

The Harris party had a blast up here, and found what they were looking for:

And some bonus moments they hadn't counted on:

Frank's crew is becoming a staple up here; after an epic fall fishing trip, most of them were able to come up this spring and really got into the crappie:

Here's Russ and Tim with some walleye beauties:

Congrats to Connor- his first time up, and he got spoiled with a 26" walleye! And they had a moose sighting as well:

Sam and Mary did quite well fishing both from their boat as well as off the docks:

And cabin 2 is quickly becoming a couples' favorite- Sam drew this for us while sitting on the front porch and we call it "The View from Cabin 2"

Dennis, Don, and Joe got into some dandy walleye, pike, and smallies:

Ryan and I got some water time in this week and landed this nice 36" northern:

The falls in is a little less rapid compared to a few weeks ago; this is from opener week

Some guests captured "our camp eagle" and a beautiful loon on its nest during opener week:

It's so hard to put in words what a typical day up here is like. And we focus a lot on the incredible fishery of Wabaskang. But on those nice weather days, Tall Pines is an experience, not just what happens on the water, but also the memories made back at camp- on the deck, dock, around the campfire, in the fish house, or walking the grounds, and this video helps encapsulate that:

Lots of father/sons up here this week. Happy Father's Day to all! And sending a special shout out to my Dad who is so dear to my heart. You're one in a million.

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