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Making Memories…

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Week 5 was another great week at Tall Pines and on the Wabaskang. Guests, who were previous strangers to one another, mixed well sharing stories, tips, and helping each other out.

As I type this, I see Ryan and Earl in the fish cleaning house with numerous guests. What I’m observing is that they make the fish filleting an experience in itself- it’s almost like an entertainment show, especially with everyone’s sense of humor. It’s only June, so I can’t imagine what these two will be like by the end of season.

With warmer temperatures all week, the shallower waters are in low 70’s while the deeper water are upper 60’s. This meant that the walleye weren’t in 8 feet like last week, but found more often in 10-12′. Some guests this week focused on numbers while some zeroed in on size, and all had some success stories as well as some average days.

Shirley and her husband Wayne are Tall Pines veterans who stayed almost two weeks- here with a giant smallie and crappie:

Tall Pines regulars Ryan, his dad Dan, and the boys Brayden and Parker were so fun to watch. As the only kids in camp this week, they explored the shoreline, nature, found and released a turtle, as well as caught their own fish. During potluck, they donned their swimsuits and goggles to play in the water – not minding the mere 70 degree lake temps.

The Mele/Conway crew did their thing as Jerry estimates he’s been fishing the Wabby since 1955, his son Dennis started coming when he was 5 years old, and his boys “Ry-Con” now carry on the tradition. They are a 3 generation group this year- all true outdoorsmen.

Newbies to us, but definitely not the Wabaskang, Kay and Ken didn’t let a mechanical boat issue stop them from having a great time. Look at Ken’s head angled just like the walleye’s:

They took their three dogs out with them every day- and I think they were good luck charms, cause they crushed it with these monster walleye, northern, and smallies:

And the Johnson group was a mixture of Tall Pines veteran Horace along with his son and what I nicknamed the three stooges. They grew on me fast and were hilarious. Junior got some cool drone footage so can’t wait to see his finished product. We hope they had a good time.

The co-host of FOX’s The Big Outdoors Show (who interviewed us back in March) came with his cousin Roger. Ken has a lot of experience guiding and doing tournaments on different waters, so he was testing it out and Ryan enjoyed going out with him Wednesday. Shout out to the Fox Valley Angler’s Club!

My best friend Amy visited this week all the way from Alaska! Her facial expressions were priceless as she was exposed to new things.

We had a great visit and we made a fun day out of buying and then planting flowers around camp. Better late than never, right. Now I just hope I can keep them alive 🙂

While on a scenic boat ride, Amy got this one:

Last week’s Andrew pulled in this nice stringer and enjoyed fishing off the dock as the sunset:

Lots of ducks and baby chicks on our shoreline right now:

We had a couple relaxing evenings this week where we were able to have a nightcap while hanging out with our campers. The smell of the Pines, crackle of the fire, and glistening sparkles of the sun bouncing off the water made for some pretty good memories!

Thanks to all who contributed to this week’s fodder. May and June dates are filling up fast for next year, and we have a few last minute openings for this July, so email us at to plan your trip to Tall Pines. Take care everyone…

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