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School Days;)

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi there!  Yes, September is here and school has begun.  My education began last Thursday when Gruper and I ventured out for a bit of fishing.  My hubby took all four points:  first, biggest, most and variety (one perch and one clam/rock).  He put four perfect 16-17″ eaters in the deadwell, two of which are in the freezer waiting to go to Iowa.  I was not skunked, however, and caught a gazillion 8-12″ walleye.  I think my last might have neared the 14″ range.  I also lost quite a few, and my coach pointed out a weakness of mine:  bringing the rod to my reeling hand after the hook-set instead of taking my reeling hand to the rod (I was allowing slack when I lowered the rod, giving the fish a chance to escape).

Gruper’s education soon followed.  We headed out again on Wednesday.  It was Windy (with a capital W).  We went no farther than Johnson’s Island for our adventure.  I caught first (a healthy 16″er for my dinner), biggest and most!  There was no variety point to be tallied.  I also caught smallest, a darling 5-6″er.  As for Gruper…skunked:(  He played the “guide” card and was rewarded with a pork chop while I enjoyed my self-caught dinner!

We decided to sneak out again today.  All of our guests are used and seasoned Wabaskang veterans, so we are taking full advantage!  We didn’t stay out long and struggled a bit, but Gruper put a fat 17″er in the deadwell for the freezer.  He took first, biggest and most (no variety point again) and I refrained from being skunked by catching one teenager.

The weather has been lovely.  Colors are not yet on, and I wonder if that’s due to our lack of rain(?)  I certainly hope the golds come out to create the contrasts we’ve grown to appreciate up here.

I apologize for not having pics from our fishing outings to share.  If you’ve followed this blog for any time at all, you know I have a bad history with cameras and water.  I’ve managed to kill two really nice cameras–one by salt water and one by rain water.  I do not need to take my i-pad or smarter-than-I phone out onto the lake.  Last year’s punishment camera was awful.  I miss having a camera but am obviously not responsible enough:(

Frank’s group had a good week!  Mike released a beautiful 36″ northern and Tim released an equally beautiful 26″ walleye!  The guys enjoyed plenty of shore lunches and took home their fish as well.  Photos to come.  Here’s a cool one, though, of Frank helping Mike’s big northern live on:


Bruce and Debbie were here for their annual visit a couple of weeks ago.  Bruce visits with the guys in June, then returns for a fun, relaxing week with Debbie.  Debbie does it all:  fishes, blueberry picks, dishes…


She is a two-handed, marginally dirty picker.  But let me tell you something:  the woman gets A LOT of berries!


She caught a cute fish!


You can really see the smoke in that pic.  We had several days of heavy smoke and red moons.  We have cleared up now, but during their visit we could smell smoke all day long. This merganser shot was taken on a smoky day:


It cleared up enough for some beautiful pics:

Check out these eagle shots:

I thought this cloud look eagle-like


and Kyle has a bird of his own…


Even though this sunset is nice,

I really loved the muted tones of this one:


For now, the moose, Bruce and I bid you adieu!

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