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Well, It Is Sunday…

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

and it seems only right that I begin the blog schedule:)  The weather has been absolutely beautiful, with daytime temps in the mid 60’s and plenty of sunshine.  We could use some rain–and you know how I hate to admit that–but we’re sure it will come.  This lovely weather has done wonders with the ice!  We had nice winds on Friday that brought large chunks to shore:


We have a HUGE chunk moving toward shore now, and then we will be clear to the narrows on this end:

See how I incorporated a great reflection into that pic;)  Some things NEVER change.



and I took a walkabout yesterday afternoon.  The only winter damage we could see was to one of the posts of our “Welcome to Tall Pines Camp” sign:


We’ll assume that’s an easy fix.  We wanted to show off our new crib along the driveway:


Please be sure to admire it when you arrive.

I continued the driveway walk on my own; Freya senses hinkiness beyond the actual camp.  This is the poo I was seeing everywhere–Gruper says it from grouse:


Honestly, there’s a lot of it coming out of those little birds!  This mystery substance was up by his shop:


I found one set of paw-like tracks, perhaps from a fox?


The entire driveway has LOTS of moose and deer tracks.  I’d say at least two moose are using the driveway daily for their walk, and there’s a trail into the bush through some wet ground:

I know this is short, but so am I:)  Stay tuned.

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