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Potluck in Paradise

Well the last two weeks up at Tall Pines have been a great mix of fishing and fun, but these potlucks have been hard to beat. From Carlton's homemade leek soup that was so rich and creamy to Cristel's homemade tomato soup made from her garden tomatoes drizzled with fresh chives, fried fish, brats, Fran's cole slaws, pasta salads, Carl's baked bean casserole. burgers on the grill, Dave and Mark's wine tastings, Pat's brownies just to name a few. Food creates such opportunity for fellowship. And one of the nice things about these later evenings, is that many will still have time to go out fishing for a couple hours after they get filled up:

Water levels continue to drop slowly and may get to a considered normal level one of these days. The water temps are in the mid 70's now and the air temps have been warmer recently- feeling like summer in the 70's and 80's here.

Earl took Ryan fishing for his birthday, and has been doing a fine job of holding down this fort when he's not out fishing. The guests have been just wonderful in their leisure laid back vibe around camp and on the water. Couples, friends, and families alike are just happy to be here and get away from it all for a week. Walleye bite has slowed a bit during the heat of the day, but people are still bringing in their keepers and releasing a handful of the overs.

Eric, a newbie, got into some dandy smallies, and made the leaderboard with this 19" smallmouth:

Derek brought his daughter and dad up to experience Tall Pines and they were so fun to watch and have some good talks with over coffee. Cece was impressive not only as a fisherwoman but also an adventure seeker:

Mike and Keith have been coming to Canada for years, but were new to our lake. Super impressed how they got into every species they targeted, including Mike's 32" lake trout. Mike had such a great time with son that he'll be coming back next month with his wife.

This is a great story. Carl has been coming off and on since 1959. His nephew Jay came up with him as a 12 year old and they wanted to come up together again this year to make some new memories. Here Carl, center, with Jay and Mark. Jason and Eddie not pictured:

Carl had some great stories to share about Rennie Ballard, and the wooden boats, fishing with his late wife, and outhouses and bears, and even brought up some pictures he saved to give to us. One could have listened to him all night around a campfire. A real treat to have here.

The original docks:

The original cabins (Rennie and second wife are on the right):

Original welcome sign when the Highway 105 was extended :

Bob and Tim had been planning this trip for over 2 years and were so patient with re-scheduling. They seemed to have a ball catching fish and and were willing to try new tactics that produced:

They even got their wives to come with and we enjoyed the first bluberry picking of the season (excited that I think with all the rain we've had, it should be a great season):

The leader board for week 9:

Ryan, Earl, and I got some re-con time on the water, and here's a couple finds:

Pictures trickling in from a few weeks ago:

Michael, with Dad Ron, and crewmates Jake, Jeff, John, and Pete crushed the walleye, pike, and smallies:

Wildlife around Tall Pines is still mesmerizing:

Til next time...

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