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Sail Away

Fishing is still holding strong up here as we sail away from summer and into the beginnings of fall. Live bait was still popular while those using artificial touted success as well. Water level couldn't be more perfect- settled down from the spring high, but much safer than last year so all parts of the system are a go. Here was the leaderboard for the first week of August:

Bruce is a man who knows what he wants, and is willing to do what it takes to achieve results:

Part of the Haan 4th generation on the Wabaskang, Ryland caught a pike off the docks the first day, Aiden landed a giant northern with Uncle Steve, and Brennan caught some dandy walleye:

Brett was antsy to get back this year, and his first day fishing was rewarded with this- a 44" muskie:

He had his family with, and they all just loved to fish. Brent and Trisha got into quite a number of fish, of all the varieties. I just loved watching these two and witnessing their love for marine life. Trisha loved hanging out on the shorelines exploring and looking for bait, and Trent, now in college studying marine biology, got to talking in the fish house with a guest that works at a hatchery near his college.

Joe's enthusiasm for fishing and life is contagious. He even had his kids filleting fish this year! They had a blast fishing and boating, celebrating Matthew's 18th birthday, and just experiencing everything Canada!

Those priceless family moments: Madelyn loved to read, Matthew loved driving the boat, and Stephen loved fishing off the docks. (Kristin loved taking pics of it all and blueberry picking too)

First timers on the Wabby Dave and Jake were super fun to have a camp and just crushed it with the smallies and northern:

Last week's leaderboard:

Jim, and his dad Judd hadn't been up here in about 6 years, and decided it was time to finally return. They were some of those guys that had a larger group planned for 2020, and over the last two years some of their group dropped out for various reasons, but they still got up here with nephew Jake. They found some really nice walleye and pike over the week:

Jim and son Joe were smiles all week as they had not only caught some of the week's biggest fish, but also had such improved weather from the last time they were up here. Wives Kay and Debbie held their own fishing all week and enjoying campfires in the evenings, and nightcaps on their porch.

Steve was also finally able to return to Tall Pines and got some dandy fish throughout the week. He and Jake, Katie, Pam, and Tucker were able to get some quality family time both on and off the water while here:

Katie managed to capture one of the season's most stunning sunsets that lit up the entire sky and water in different shades- these are taken just minutes apart:

More Haan dock moments- Addison and Brennan have such good spirits; their last night here they took the plunge into the cool waters. And Jean and Bruce enjoying the sunset off the dock:

The perch bite has been really hot these last two weeks which has kept Earl and others quite busy in the fish house:

Potluck continues to be a hit, with guests bringing some really satisfying dishes. Everyone's been a part of the clean plate club!

Ryan loves the August bite, and was able to create some pockets of time to fish these last 2 weeks. He got his personal best, a 29" walleye (but was solo so didn't get a pic of it)

Ryan and I celebrated our 20 year anniversary this past week- a shorelunch picnic and another glorious sunset was the perfect way to celebrate. At our wedding, our first dance song was David Gray's "Sail Away", and we definitely feel we have sailed away into what will be...

I love the contrast between the blurry sky and the crisp water lines in this one- looks like the breath of Heaven:

We hope all of the guests this season got, or will get, a chance to sail away- away from the busyness and bustle of their lives back home, away from technology and stress and politics, away from the stress of life... and into the tranquility of being out there on the beautiful waters of the Wabaskang

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